T1 Zeus: “I always look forward to facing Kiin, as he's a player I can learn from every time we meet.”


Even the fiercest sandstorms were no match for T1. T1 swept Liiv SANDBOX and collected another win. Both teams fought a fierce battle from the draft throughout the games. As much as we loved Liiv Sandbox's fights, it was T1 who gained momentum as the game progressed. T1 showed their best performance and proved why they are the number-one team in the league. After the match, T1 head coach Bengi “Bengi” Sung-woong and top laner Choi “Zeus” Woo-je joined the media room for an interview.


What do you think about today’s win?


Bengi: It feels good to win the match against Liiv SANDBOX. Their performance was better than I expected.


Zeus: We've played two matches recently, and it feels good to beat a team that I consider a strong opponent. Also, it's good to have a good flow in the season.


Liiv SANDBOX flexed Azir top, but you handled it well. What did you think about the pick? In game 2, you played Yasuo. How was the pick?


Zeus: I knew what to expect from Azir, and I've played against him before, so I was comfortable. There was a question mark for picking Yasuo since we lost the last time I played him, but he was a very good pick for today's match.


Bengi: Zeus was confident in playing the matchup, and he wanted to play him. It was less difficult than last time, so we were able to pull it out. 


Faker played Gragas mid today. What were your intentions?


Bengi: It was a pick that worked well in our recent practice. In the first game, I thought they could flex Azir, so it was kind of like a blind pick. Even so, they weren’t able to deal with it well. In game 2, there was always the possibility of flexing him, so we picked him again.


In the Gnar vs. Azir matchup, I understand Azir came out to counter Gnar. Why were you still able to overwhelm your opponent with Gnar?


Zeus: When opponents play Azir, they often try to play safe, so I tried to keep him from farming stably. I think I did a good job of creating room for him to make mistakes, and I capitalized on them.


From the beginning of the second game, there were a lot of engagements on the bottom lane. Did you think it would go that way?


Bengi: I thought both teams would prioritize bot lane, so I asked the players to focus on the vision around there. As there were four ADCs in the bot lane, I expected a lot of fights.


T1 was the first to report 10 wins. What are your thoughts on that?


Bengi: We only had one loss, but I think it was a lot of luck. We'll try our best to keep it up until the end.


Zeus: I'm surprised we've come this far already. I'm proud to reach 10 wins and feel great.


What are your predictions for the remaining matches?


Bengi: I thought it would be tough until this week because we had a lot of matches against strong teams, but we're still cruising. In the remaining matches, we did well on the same occasion last year, so I expect us to do well again this year.


How do you anticipate the match against KT Rolster?


Bengi: The matches against KT Rolster have always been nerve-wracking. We beat them 2-1 in the first round, and we hope to beat them again this time in the telecom derby. KT Rolster has a solid game, and they’re a tough team to beat when on a roll.


Zeus: The last time we met, I thought they played solid. I always look forward to facing Kiin, as he's a player I can learn from every time we meet. I think Kiin is always calm when he lanes, and that is a big strength of his.


MSI is coming up soon. Are there any teams you'd like to see at MSI?


Bengi: We’re still in the middle of the spring season, so I think it's too early to pick a team.


Zeus: I always look forward to meeting Chinese teams, and this time, MSI is in England, so I really want to go. I love soccer, and I hope I can go and enjoy the culture.


Any last comments?


Bengi: I would like to say that we will try to maintain our number one position. I hope the fans support us until the end.


Zeus: I want to maintain my performance and finish this spring well.



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