[KOF Arena] How to earn and where to use the ‘seven resources’ in the game

Mastery Points


How to earn: Reward for winning fights, trading duplicate cartridges, achievement rewards
Where to use: Enhancing the mastery of specific fighters

The mastery points are used to enhance a specific fighter’s stats — an enhancing content, fighter mastery. For example, the mastery points for Ryo can only be used to enhance Ryo’s mastery. 


To earn mastery points, you need to gain the cartridges of that specific fighter and open the mastery. If you win fights with a fighter whose mastery is open, you gain mastery points for that fighter. When you use special stamina, you gain more. From mastery point random boxes, you can also gain mastery points for a fighter whose cartridge you haven’t gained yet, but you can only use those points after opening the specific fighter’s cartridge.


If you gain a cartridge of a fighter whose mastery is already open, you can exchange it with 5,000 mastery points. Mastery points can also be gained as a reward for reaching some achievements.

Master Key

How to earn: Reward for winning fights
Where to use: Enhancing cube mastery

The master keys that can be earned through winning in fights can be used to enhance your cube mastery. Cube mastery is opened when the total accumulation of your fighter mastery levels is at least 100. This gives a bonus in ATK, DEF, and HP for all the fighters whose mastery is opened. There is a success chance for enhancing cube mastery, and when the enhancement fails, one level decreases.


Mystic Cube

How to earn: Bought from the mystic cube exchange with diamonds, reward for achievements
Where to use: Enhancing fighter mastery, enhancing cube mastery

Mystic cube is a resource that can be used instead of the aforementioned mastery points and mastery keys. Unlike the mastery points that are divided by fighters, all fighters can use them commonly. However, it cannot be used together with other resources.


Mystic cubes are usually gained through achievement rewards. You can gain mystic cubes at the mystic cube exchange with diamonds for six days (1AM Wednesday - 1AM Tuesday, UTC) over a week. The number of exchangeable mystic cubes are limited, and the exchange ratio changes regularly.


Fight Money, FM

How to earn: Playing the game with a controller linked, purchased with FCT
Where to use: Exchanging into FCT, repairing controllers, levelling up controllers, opening controller sockets, minting controllers, upgrading gems, enhancing fighter mastery, enhancing cube mastery


FM takes the role of crypto coins and serves the role of almost all resources. When you fight with a controller linked, you can mine them as a reward. You can only use FM as a resource for anything related to controllers, such as repairing controllers, leveling them up, minting, opening sockets, upgrading gems, etc. 


When you log in using a PC, you can exchange them into FCT through the token exchange with black diamonds as an exchange fee. You can also exchange FCT into FM. FCT can be exchanged into MBX, and you can exchange MBX at the exchange.


Fighters Club Token, FCT

How to earn: Exchanging with FM, buying with MBX
Where to use: Purchasing FM, exchanging into MBX or other Marblex tokens

FCT can be used to be traded with MBX through Marblex Wallet to exchange or to exchange into other Marblex tokens. It is a middle-stage resource needed to exchange the mined crypto coin, FM, and it is one of the many Marblex tokens. If you log in to KOF Arena from a PC, you can exchange your FM into FCT in the token exchange, and to exchange FCT into Marblex tokens or MBX, you need to use the Marblex Wallet.


Black Diamond

How to earn: In-app purchase ($1=20 Black diamonds), purchase through black diamond exchange with FM
Where to use: Exchange fee (FM → FCT), controller minting fee, controller instant level up, mystery box instant open

Black diamonds can be gained through in-app purchases or by exchanging them with FM in the black diamond exchange, which is opened one day per week. The black diamond exchange opens on Tuesdays from 1 AM (UTC) for 24 hours. The amount of black diamonds that can be exchanged is limited, and the exchange ratio changes frequently.


Black diamonds are usually used as an exchange fee (20%) when you exchange FM into FCT. FCT is exchanged into MBX, so its price is set according to MBX’s market price. The amount of black diamonds you need is 20% of the amount of FCT you want to exchange, transferred into the MBX’s market price in dollars. For example, if you want to exchange FM for FCT, if it is worth $100, you have to pay $20 worth of black diamonds as an exchange fee.



How to earn: In-app purchase ($1=15 Diamonds)
Where to use: Summoning fighter cartridges, exchanging for mystic cubes, charging AP

Diamonds are one of the main paid resources and can be earned only through in-app purchases. The main usage of the resource is summoning fighter cartridges. For one summon, you need 30 diamonds. If you want to enhance a fighter, you need to gain the specific fighter’s cartridge by summoning it.

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