[MSI 2022] T1 Faker: "Today’s loss was positive because it helped me see what I lacked."


On May 29, Royal Never Give Up defeated T1 in a narrow 3-2 to win the 2022 Mid-Season Invitational, the org's third in franchise history. After the match, T1 joined the media for a press conference.


(To Oner) You weren’t able to show the strength of the Wukong-Ahri comp. What was the problem?


Oner: I’m not sure about the problem. I just think we weren’t in our best condition. I think the opponent anticipated that we’d play Wukong-Ahri and dealt with it well.


(To Polt) It seems that the blue side is advantageous for the draft. What do you think? How was the draft in game 5?


Polt: The team that could choose sides all chose the blue side and won. I believe that the blue side is advantageous. We tried to prepare as much as we can from the red side, but we weren’t able to win the match.


(To Polt) How would you rate your players today? Why do you think you lost to RNG?


Polt: I can’t really put a number on the players’ and coaches’ performance today. All I can say is that everyone did so well. The reason we lost was as I just said — because we weren’t able to play on the blue side three times.


(To Zeus) It was your first international tournament. How would you evaluate yourself through the tournament?


Zeus: It was a good chance for me to develop as I met all the good players from around the world. The end is a bit disappointing, but it was a good opportunity for me to grow more.


(To Keria) Why did you pick Yuumi in game 5?


Keria: I was looking for a chance to play and Yuumi was a good pick for the comp.


(To Faker) What was different at this MSI compared to the past?


Faker: The ping at this MSI was 35, and that was the biggest difference. Another one was that we began from the Play-In Stage.



(To Faker) You played RNG today. Which player was the most impressive?


Faker: There were no players that stood out to me. Our own performance was a bit disappointing, so I’m only focusing on that.


(To Oner) Wei played Lee Sin in game 5. How would you evaluate his Lee Sin?


Oner: Since I think Wei is a good player, he’s also a good Lee Sin player.


(To Faker) You reached the finals of an international tournament, but unfortunately lost. How did today’s loss feel to you?


Faker: In a way, today’s loss was positive because it helped me see what I lacked. I think I’ll be able to improve more in the future, so I’m looking forward to the Summer Split and Worlds.


(To Faker) You've been there for T1's highest peaks and lowest lows. As a veteran, how do you rate the future of your teammates?


Faker: We have plenty of time, and while MSI is an important tournament, it’s just one part. I believe we have a lot of time, so there’s much potential in here.


(To Gumayusi) On the English broadcast this morning, the casters called the two of you one of the best bot lanes in the world. While today’s game ended in a loss, how will you take what you learned at MSI and use it to continue your growth as a duo?


Gumayusi: I’ll keep developing. Although I may not be the best right now since I lost today, I’ll work hard so that I can reach the top one day.


(To Faker) In this final, other than LeBlanc and Azir, you prioritized utility champions that use Everfrost. How did you decide your champion picks?


Faker: In the Spring season, Ahri and LeBlanc were picked frequently around the world, and the trend continued into MSI. We always pick our strategy according to our opponents. RNG are a team that likes to fight, so we prepared strategies accordingly.


*Due to internet issues in the venue, T1’s press conference was cut short.

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