OP.GG acquires game learning platform OGT

The following was sent to Inven Global as a press release.


OP.GG acquires No.1 online eSports learning platform Online Game Tutor (OGT), ogt.gg


(May 20, 2022, Seoul) OP.GG Inc. announced the acquisition of Korea's largest online eSports learning platform, Online Game Tutor (hereinafter referred to as OGT). OGT first introduced the online eSports learning platform ogt.gg to the market in February 2021. Since the launch, OGT has grown rapidly, becoming the No.1 online eSports learning platform in Korea.


While major eSports organizations such as T1 and Gen.G in Korea are entering the game education industry through the academy business, the online game education market has grown fast globally. Investors are also looking into the market, leading to a successful Seed round and Series A round of online platforms with Millions of dollars.


Despite the interest of the market and investors, most pro gamers are concerned with retirement plans. It is a growing concern in the industry due to the small size of eSports coach and manager positions, and it is also difficult for pro gamers to succeed as streamers after retirement as well.


OGT CEO Cho Byung-jo, who was also a StarCraft pro gamer at Samsung Khan until 2009, created the ogt.gg to solve this problem. ‘I also thought a lot about what I would do after retirement. My colleagues and I created this platform to connect the pro-gamer level tutors and people who are looking to increase their game skills online. We believe this may be one of the ways to provide a stable income for pro gamers after their retirement.’


OP.GG Business Strategy Lead Kang Eun Lee commented, "Through the acquisition of OGT, we would like to provide a stable online game learning platform for both tutors and students. Our goal is to contribute stability and growth to the eSports industry by providing new career paths for those who want to stay in the eSports industry after their time as pro gamers.’


As a leader in the game data market, OP.GG, with 55 million monthly active users, the eSports fans are welcoming the OP.GG's new acquisition with hopes of bringing stability to the industry. 

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