[MSI 2022] Unified: “We wanted to restrain the performance of Jankos and caPs”

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PSG Talon are alive and kicking at MSI 2022 in Busan. After a rough start to the Rumble Stage, the team bounced back and ended the 24-game win streak of G2 Esports to bring themselves back in contention for a ticket to the semifinals. While PSG Talon lost their rematch against T1 a few games later, the PCS champions went down swinging.


Bot laner Wong "Unified" Chun Kit joined Inven Global at the end of the day and reflected on both games. He explained how his team was able to take down G2 and what went wrong in the clash with T1. Unified also discussed the pressure on his shoulders to perform, and what his team's chances are of making it to the semifinals.



Welcome, Unified! Mixed results today, but let's start with the positive one: You ended G2's win streak and claimed an important victory over them. How do you look back on that game?


I think, for the game against G2, we were quite familiar with their team. We just put in more effort and more preparation into the pick/ban phase. We're quite familiar with their pick/ban style and their strategies. We focused on banning out more mid/jungle [champions] from the opponent's team.


So you wanted to shut down caPs and Jankos?


Yes, definitely. From the previous games, it felt like Jankos and caPs are the engine of the whole team. They were able to grab the whole game's tempo to help their other teammates and to open up the game. We wanted to restrain the performance of Jankos and caPs and, through team fights, we were able to get the win.


Heading into the game, G2 was undefeated for a long time. You guys did not have the greatest record at MSI, so how was the team mentality?


It feels like, because we have done so many scrims with G2, we were kind of familiar with what they want to do in the game. We felt like that gave us an advantage. Then we forced them to pick champions that can be countered by us. For example, we forced them to pick LeBlanc, and we used Lissandra as a very good counterpick against them.



The second game didn't play out as well and you lost against T1. They're a team that shown more flaws at MSI so far. What was your plan against them?


I think, based on our draft, we wanted to have more team fights in the game and seek opportunities to hard-engage on T1. T1 used Twisted Fate to get more opportunities and he had good synergy with Gangplank from the sidelane push. In the team fights, unfortunately, we made some mistakes, so that's the main reason why we didn't get a win.


You did put up a pretty good fight in the game. What points of improvement did you see to close out future games?


We need to do better in the early game. Recently, our jungler's pathing maybe has some problems that we need to fix. We also made some mistakes in the laning phase. Like when our top got dove. In the team fights we also need to improve because it's a very crucial part to win in this meta.


People have high expectations for PSG Talon at MSI because the team made it to the semifinals last year. You weren't there, but do you feel the pressure to live up to that expectation?


Yes, definitely. I think last year we were able to get a very decent result. We got some victories against quite strong teams. I think, for this year's MSI, we [haven't played well] in the games yet. So, there'll definitely be some pressure on my shoulders.


To round up, let's look forward: It seems that you'll be battling with EG for the final spot in the Knockout Stage. What do you think of them as your direct opponents, and how do you feel about your chances of making it?


Evil Geniuses have performed quite [well] at this tournament, I think. The chance of getting into the semifinals is really 50/50, I think. It depends on the momentum and the conditions on that day.

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