[MSI 2022] T1 Zeus speaks on T1's drafts: "We just locked in champions that we wanted to play"

Screencapped via LCK Broadcast

On May 15, T1 defeated DetonatioN FocusMe in round two of the Group Stages at MSI 2022. With their victory over the LJL representatives, they’ve locked in their spot in the Rumble Stages.


The top laner for T1, Choi “Zeus” Woo-je, joined Jeesun Park for a short victory interview on the LCK broadcast.

How do you feel about qualifying for the Rumble Stages?


I’m relieved that we were able to lock in our spot so quickly.


From first picking Zoe to locking in Bard for Keria, can you tell us about T1’s draft against DFM?


Faker wanted to play Zoe, so we just first picked it. We locked in Ezreal for more poke, and as for Gangplank, I just wanted to play him. We just locked in champions that we wanted to play.


Evi locked in Rumble, a champion that’s traditionally known to be a counterpick for Gangplank. The enemy even camped your lane, so what was your game plan?


I knew that the laning phase would be tough when I saw the ignite on Rumble. I expected to die quite a bit, so my plan was to snowball through the mid lane. I told my team that I wanted them to rotate top side when I made the call; I’m happy that they did. I’ll make sure to also rotate for them when they're playing against tough lane matchups.


Lastly, what’s your resolution for the Rumble Stages?


There are still two games left in our group. But looking ahead, there are a lot of strong teams that made it to the Rumble Stages. I’ll make sure to work harder and win.

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