DRX: "About terminating the contract with KIM, it’s difficult to answer."


Last month, DRX removed head coach Kim “KIM” Jeong-soo from the roster, and today, DRX decided to terminate the contract with KIM. According to DRX, KIM didn’t fulfill his duty as the head coach. After revising KIM’s materials, DRX decided to terminate the contract following legal procedures. However, DRX cleared that they can’t share the details due to legal reasons. After the announcement, DRX general manager Choi “cCarter” Byeong-hoon joined the media for an online press conference. The following is a full translation of the full press conference.



Is KIM officially dismissed?


The team will be officially terminating the contract with KIM. The board has made its decision, so we were able to go on with this process.


Is the discord between CEO Choi Sang-in and KIM one of the reasons for this decision?


No. There was a difference of opinion regarding management, but it isn’t one of the reasons for terminating the contract. I wonder if it’s even possible to terminate the contract due to discord. Unless there is a major fault, it’s impossible to terminate the contract.


Then what’s the major fault?


When we signed KIM, he requested several conditions regarding team management that were difficult to fulfill. DRX couldn’t accept the conditions. It’s difficult to explain this in detail due to legal reasons.


Did KIM agree to DRX’s decision?


We checked KIM’s explanatory material. I can’t tell you if KIM agreed or not. I can’t discuss the details regarding the board disciplinary committee right now.


KIM said if DRX agrees, he could reveal everything. Will DRX accept his suggestion?


No. I can’t say right now.


Do the players know of KIM leaving the team?


Things are different regarding firing KIM when we share information or ask for opinions with the players. However, we did talk with Deft, who’s the captain, about KIM’s removal from the roster and about the board’s decision.


Did Deft agree to firing KIM?


We discussed the matter with him. Whether the players agreed is a different issue.


There should be players that joined the team, seeking KIM’s leadership, and there should be players that don’t want change in the middle of the season. Shouldn’t you have listened to the players?


This problem is between DRX and KIM, so we don’t think it’s a matter we should discuss closely with the players.


You said there are legal issues with firing KIM. Are the legal issues regarding social law or LCK regulations?


In a way, it could be both.


Is the issue that significant to terminate the contract with the head coach in the middle of the season, and even without listening to the players?


Unless there’s something very serious, we couldn’t terminate the contract like this.


If you’re firing KIM due to a serious issue but you don’t clear the reason, wouldn’t people get more curious?


Realistically, it’s hard to answer, and I can’t explain in detail.


Four starting members have tested positive for COVID-19. What’s your purpose for having the press conference in this situation?


The players testing positive has no relation with firing KIM. Unfortunately, some people tested positive at this period. We were going to announce earlier, but it overlapped as a coincidence. It’s an unfortunate matter.


Does the issue violate general sportsmanship?


There are parts where it’s related to the standard contract, so I can’t explain exactly. There were violations of the contract and the violations didn’t get improved.


Do you, GM cCarter, personally think KIM’s fault was as bad as to be fired?


The board made its decision. Even when the board requested improvement, nothing changed, and I believe that’s what affected the decision.


Some of the reasons may be things that the organization already knew even before the season began. Why did you have to fire him in the middle of the season?


Regarding the contract, there were several issues such as uncooperative attitude and not fulfilling his duties as the head coach. What I can tell you is that he didn’t participate in team meetings without notice and made unacceptable actions during scrims.


What are unacceptable actions during scrims?


I can’t tell you that.


Does that mean he didn’t participate in scrims?


No, but there were situations that were almost as bad.


On the day KIM was removed from the roster, KIM said that he was notified that he was removed when the team was scrimming. This doesn’t correspond to what you said right now.


KIM didn’t participate in the scrim on the day before our match. Also, we notified him before that already.


Did you tell KIM that there will be a press conference today?




Was it really necessary to fire KIM in the middle of the season?


The organization feels sorry about this decision in the middle of the season. However, if the situation wasn’t major, we wouldn’t have made this decision. KIM even requested to have the contract terminated under mutual agreement just before the season. Since KIM changed minds about that, we didn’t terminate the contract, but we made the decision as KIM didn’t follow the requests from the organization. KIM kept requesting difficult things from the organization.


What did KIM request?


We can’t tell you that. There are legal issues involved, so we can’t discuss them in detail.


Was it related to his salary?


It could be said it is. There were legal issues regarding his salary that didn’t correspond with the team.


Was what the team requested from KIM also related to his salary?




How could there be requests regarding salary when the contract is already signed?


It’s a sensitive issue, so it’s difficult to explain in detail.


Are you willing to agree to KIM’s proposal that he’ll reveal everything if DRX agrees?




If you have a press conference and do not give a proper reason, wouldn’t more people get suspicious?


I want to say that we couldn’t help but do it this way because there was no change from KIM. There are legal issues involved, so we can’t tell you everything. Please understand.


KIM said he wasn’t notified of the contract being terminated. When and how did you notify KIM?


We notified KIM via email. Regarding the questions about terminating the contract with KIM, it’s difficult to answer.

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