Inven Global Awards WINNERS: Best caster and community categories


After a long month of announcing nominees, community voting, and panel discussions, we have arrived at the final mile of the 2021 Inven Global Awards for League of Legends. Today, Inven Global proudly presents the winners of all caster and community categories — from the most passionate voices on the desk to the stories that shook the scene, positively and negatively.


The categories have two awards: the main Inven Global Award is decided by our crew of panelists. The community award is voted by the fans who engaged with the content and supported those who they think deserved it most.


Without further ado, here are the winners of the Best Caster and community categories of the Inven Global Awards.


Inven Global Awards winners: "Best player" categories

Best play-by-play caster: Max "Atlus" Anderson

A mainstay on the LCK desk since 2018,  Atlus has become the defining voice of LCK play-by-play casting. A veteran of six World Championships — including an appearance at the Worlds 2021 finals — the Australian shoutcaster is our winner of the "Best play-by-play caster" of 2021, with a narrow victory over LCS heavy-hitter Clayton "CaptainFlowers" Raines.

Runner up: CaptainFlowers
3rd place: Drakos


Best play-by-play caster: Community award

1. CaptainFlowers — 34,8% of votes
2. Atlus — 25.3%
3. Medic— 15.8%
4. Drakos — 13.6%
5. Phreak — 10.5%

Best color caster: Marc "Caedrel" Lamont

It's rare to see our panelists and the LoL community in such strong agreement, but that was the case with the "Best color caster" category, which Caedrel won with flying colors in both voting rounds. The player-turned-analyst was the freshest voice on the League of Legends desks, delivering complicated topics and analysis in a digestible way for the casual fan. In 2021, Caedrel was a perfect educator/entertainer bundle, and his Inven Global Awards is well deserved!

Runner up: Azael
3rd place: Vedius


Best color caster: Community award

1. Caedrel — 70.4% of votes
2. Vedius — 10.7%
3. Kobe — 8%
4. Azael — 6.5%
5. Lyric — 4.5%

Best story: EDG owner buys houses for Worlds-winning roster

Winning the Summoner's Cup is the biggest achievement a League of Legends player can win, but how about going home a champion and into a brand new house? EDG owner Edward Zhu, exhilarated by his org finally winning the big one, awarded each player with prime real estate in the Zhujiang Future City. What a bonus...

Runner up: DFM makes historic Worlds groups qualification
3rd place: CoreJJ spearheads NA supersever initiative


Best story: Community award

1. DFM makes historic Worlds groups qualification — 38.8% of votes
2. EDG owner buys houses for Worlds-winning roster — 19.4%
2. Riot pull off two international LANs despite COVID — 19.4%
4. EDG fans' wild Worlds celebrations — 13.4%
5. CoreJJ spearheads NA superserver initiative — 9%

Biggest controversy: Maoan matchfixes at Worlds

While there was plenty of drama in the League of Legends scene this year, it's hard to be more controversial than a match-fixing scandal, and in 2021, we had two. In the race to disgrace, the matchfixing sin of BYG mid laner Chien "Maoan" Mao-An, who decided to sell draft strats to bettors, won over the massive LPL and LDL matchfixing scandal that got 38 players and coaches banned, suspended, or forever ousted. 

Runner up: LPL/LDL matchfixing scandal
3rd place: CLG's Cooldownand "private team meeting"


Biggest controversy: Community award

1. Fnatic's radio silence on Upset/Adam drama — 33.8% of votes
2. Maoan matchfixes at worlds — 24.7%
3. Doublelift vs. Reginald — 18.2%
4. LPL/LDL matchfixing scandal — 15.6%
5. CLG's Cooldown and "private team meeting" — 7.8%

Best in-game moment: GALA's Kai'Sa pentakill vs. FPX

The bot lane conversations during 2021 might've been predominantly about Viper being awesome, but in the Best in-game moment category, RNG's Chen "GALA" Wei took it all. Pixel-perfect control from RNG's bot laner cleans up FPX in a blink to make for the most outstanding play of 2021.

Runner up: Viper's Aphelios 1v3 vs. FPX
3rd place: Bdd's blind bubbles vs. TL


Best in-game moment: Community award

1. Viper's Aphelios 1v3 — 33.3% of votes
2. Danny's Tristana 1v4 — 23.3%
3. Bdd's blind bubbles — 20%
4. GALA's Kai'Sa pentakill — 15%
5. Inspired's Viego — 8.3%

Best content piece/series: Arcane

Let's be honest: whatever competition there was in this category went out the window the moment Arcane dropped. The Netflix animated series was among the standout productions this year, not just within the LoL scene, but in terms of mainstream entertainment as well. Collecting praise left and right, Arcane is the clear winner of the "Best content piece/series" category of the Inven Global Awards.

Runner up: LCK Summer Finals Title
3rd place: The Replay Files


Best content piece/series: Community award

1. Arcane — 64.6% of votes
2. Rekkles With My Heart — 18.8%
3. LCK Summer Finals Title — 12.5%
4. Burn It All Down — 4.2%
5. The Replay Files — 0%

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