T1 Faker: "It would've been more fun to meet [DWG KIA] in the finals, but meeting them in the semis will be just as fun. "

Screenshot via LCK broadcast

In the first quarterfinals match of the day, T1 managed to sweep the series against Hanwha Life Esports 3-0. Unlike the last time they faced off, where the series went to full five games, T1 quickly closed out the series and punched the first ticket to the semifinals. T1 will face the winner of DWG KIA vs MAD Lions.


After the match, the mid laner for T1, Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok, joined the LCK broadcast for a post-match interview.

How does it feel to make it to the semifinals?


I think that we were able to perform better than I initially expected, so I feel great. We’ll have to prepare well for the semifinals.


Your former teammate, Piglet was on the LCK broadcast as a guest caster, and he had nothing but praise for T1’s performance tonight. What was the team’s main game plan for tonight?


Our mindset’s always to focus and perfect our own game, so we focused on reducing the number of mistakes that we make. We also formed various parts of our strategy based on the various patterns that HLE have shown as well.


I’m curious how you initially reacted to the quarterfinals group drawing?


I obviously would’ve preferred to be in a different bracket. However, DWG KIA is a team that we have to beat in the end, so I’ll have to recall what it was like to face DWG KIA in the LCK. .


With the mid lane matchup against Chovy being such a heated aspect of the series, were you flustered at all when HLE first picked Leblanc on the blue side?


Not at all. We actually expected her to be picked; Chovy’s likes to position very aggressively, so I tried to defend from such tactics.


You manage to finish at least top four every time you’re at Worlds. Who do you expect your opponent to be?


I think the semis will probably be the LCK Summer finals rematch, because DWG KIA will probably be the ones to meet us there.


Tell me how you feel about the potential finals rematch.


Truth be told, I always wanted to face DWG KIA at Worlds. It would’ve been more fun to meet them in the finals, but meeting them in the semis will be just as fun. I’m excited.

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