VALORANT pros say Riot nerfed the wrong Jett ability in new update

Source: Riot Games

Jett finally received a much demanded nerf on Tuesday, but many players are critiquing the new change for adjusting the wrong abilities. According to a slew of pro players, Riot completely missed the ability that is making Jett so powerful: her any-direction dash. 


For those who haven't read the Tuesday patch notes, Riot reduced Jett's Cloudburst charges from 3 to 2, removed her ultimate right-click alt-fire ability to recharge Kunai on a hit, and they reverted the damage and multipliers for the right-click attack to line up with her left-click on ultimate.


While the nerf will make Jett's ultimate slightly less powerful for some lower tier people, it will do little to sway the incredible 80% professional pick rate for this agent. One of the best Jett players in the game, TenZ, doesn't even use the right-click ability they nerfed, and having three cloud bursts instead of two is certainly not the reason Jett dominates the meta.



It seems like Riot completely missed the point with the new nerf, and players have been pretty outspoken about it.


Pro VALORANT players demand a nerf to Jett's dash ability

Numerous players came forward to share their displeasure at the changes and instead demanded that Riot do something about Jett's extremely powerful dash ability that makes her so unbeatable with the Operator sniper rifle.


Pro VALORANT player NRG Wedid explained, "this Jett nerf does absolutely nothing. . . They gotta do something about her dash."



T1's Autimatic agreed, saying that the new nerf will do something, but that it's her dash mechanic that needs to be reworked or nerfed.



Even before the nerf was announced, Sentinels Shahzam explained why her dash is the problem on his stream over the weekend


"The Operator is only viable on Jett," He explained. "That is the problem in my opinion. It's too clunky to use on any other agent. The problem is, there are not a lot of counter options to the Op. If you could use the Op on other agents, you could counter a Jett walking up with an Op or a Jett taking a duel."


The problem with her dash, according to multiple pros, is that she can dash in any direction. This makes her much more deadly when using the Operator since she is able to take more aggressive positions with the ability dash away at any moment. No other agent in the game is capable of something like that, making her really the only good choice for your Op player.


Many players suggested a better nerf would be to make it so that she can only dash in the direction she is looking.


"This Jett Nerf looks weird," FPS Ange1 said on Twitter. "Those skills aren't why she's OP, I think all the players  need to create a petition or something to only change dash mechanics so Jett can dash only towards the direction she looks at and we are Gucci."



Streamer for Team Liquid AverageJonas, TSM's Hazed. BBG POACH, RNG ROY, and Pro player for NRG s0m all also agreed that the best nerf for Jett's is to take away the directionality of her dash, forcing her to only dash in the direction she is looking.

This suggested change would keep a lot of the fun parts of Jett's kit, while reducing the power of the "get out of jail free" card that her dash ability has become.


With such a large amount of negative feedback for Jett's nerf, it is possible Riot will rethink its strategy. But based on comments from Ryan Couasart, a VALORANT developer, who argued that a directional dash won't resolve the issues with Jett.




For now, we will have to wait and see how the minor nerf to her affects her pick rate on the ladder. 

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