Twitch streamer BoxBox programmed a bot to play Janna in League of Legends via voice commands

Source: Riot Games


Twitch streamer Albert "BoxBox" Zheng recently revealed on stream that he had programmed an 'AI' to play League of Legends. BoxBox has streamed himself playing in the AD carry position while also piloting a second account he refers to as 'BoxBoxBot' that plays Janna in the support position, the latter strictly by voice commands. 




For quite some time, BoxBox been known as a popular League of Legends streamer due to his proficiency on Riven, a champion with one of the highest skill ceilings in the game, but oftentimes, his more creative streams occur in Teamfight Tactics, a stream featuring variety games, or one of his many streams where he cosplays as champions from LoL.


This time, however, BoxBox's approach is far more in the vein of streamer and three-time Collegiate LoL champion Tony "Saskio" Chau, who has streamed off and on in the past 18 months playing Yuumi support with his feet while playing AD carry.


BoxBox first debuted the bot on stream nearly two weeks ago to a myriad of reactions from the League of Legends community. The reaction has been overwhelmingly filled with awe and praise with some quips about the simplicity in executing Janna's kit on Summoner's Rift as well as jokes about the AI becoming sentient and beginning to troll BoxBox. 


The bot has had adjustments made to it by BoxBox, but it was programmed by his moderator Aterialdawn, and that the bot was voiced by Vtuber Bao, who is a friend of BoxBox's. BoxBox's viewers can also use the Twitch action "!baobot" in chat for a response with information about the bot. 


The source code has been confirmed by Aterialdawn as a private source for the time being via Reddit, but the moderator and developer said that the code could potentially be made available to the public in the future.


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