"CLG was the worst org in existence": Doublelift calls out CLG for Xmithie visa issue

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Yiliang "Doublelift" Peng is not one to shy away from sharing his opinions. The veteran League of Legends player's recent target was Counter Logic Gaming. 


A recent Reddit thread discussing Doublelift's Worlds appearances sparked the rant. The Reddit thread stated that Doublelift has been to the League of Legends World Championship eight times but only made it out of the group stage once. Doublelift retorted that one of those Worlds appearances was tainted due to CLG's handling of jungle Jake "Xmithie" Puchero's visa. 


Doublelift calls out CLG for Xmithie visa fumble at Worlds 2015


Worlds 2015 saw CLG leaving quite early on. Doublelift pointed out that this was due to the organization's management when it came to handling Xmithie's visa for the event. Worlds was held throughout Europe that year, with teams competing in France, the United Kingdom, Belgium, and Germany. At one point, the esports org said that it doubted Xmithie would be playing. 


"Xmithie got fucked on his visa because CLG was the worst org in existence. We had to scrim the entire bootcamp with HuHi jungle or Xmithie on 300 ping. It was a really bad time," Doublelift explained. 


According to the outspoken AD Carry, Xmithie had so many visa issues because CLG didn't start the visa application in time. Doublelift said that the organization had "a week or month" to apply for Xmithie's visa after finding out that they qualified for Worlds. This was during the NA LCS finals that year.


But, Doublelift said, CLG didn't start the process until after the team started their bootcamp afterward. 


He ranted: “The org is so dogshit that they didn’t even think about it until after we went to the bootcamp. We just won and we’re so hyped for Worlds and they’re like,  ‘Actually, bad news, guys. We didn’t apply for the visa and it looks like Jake is potentially not going to play at Worlds.' We're like, 'What the fuck? You guys have one job.' That was crazy. I was super mad." 



Despite CLG's initial doubt, Xmithie did make it to Worlds that year thanks to the efforts of the Philippine Esports Organization. But the celebration was short-lived. CLG finished third in the ground and dropped from Worlds with a 2-4 record. 


While it's not the entire reason that CLG failed to deliver on the international stage, there's no denying that the shaky situation and frustrating scrim substitution played a role in the team's demise. 


Either way, Doublelift had enough. He left CLG soon after the event. That's when he started playing for Team Liquid and TMS. He retired from professional play late in 2020 and has continued to play League of Legends as a streamer. 

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