All players cut from LPL and LDL teams for being under 18

Source: LPL


A new law passed in  China recently that severely limits the amount of time those under the age of 18 can play video games.


Minors can now only play three hours of video games per week, and as a result, many players who fall under the age of 18 in the League of Legends Professional League and the League of Legends Development League have been cut from their respective rosters. As of Sept. 2, 31 players have been released from their teams.


Full list of names below:

LDL players

Top laners:


  • Fangyuan (Young Miracles)
  • Flying (Young Miracles)
  • Luuuck (ThunderTalk Young)
  • Xgao (ThunderTalk Young)
  • Acheng (LGD Young)
  • Neny (IG Young)
  • YSKM (IG Young)
  • xiaoyu (EDG Young)
  • Yu (Rare Atom Period)




  • naiyou (TES Challenger)
  • xiaofang (TES Challenger)
  • xiaohuangren (ThunderTalk Young)
  • Starry (Oh My Dream)
  • Tianzhen (IG Young)
  • PeiLin (All Combo)


Mid laners:


  • Wangxiao (TES Challenger)
  • Erha (LNG Academy)
  • Care (FPX Blaze)
  • 0909 (EDG Young)


Bot laners:


  • Fantasy (Ultra Prime Academy)
  • JiaQi (TES Challenger)
  • Assum (Suning S)
  • itt (Shu Dai Xiong)
  • Zap (Royal Club)
  • zybo (Oh My Dream)
  • 1xn (Joy Dream)
  • GeGuoWei (All Combo)




  • Niket (TES Challenger)
  • Baiyu (IG Young)
  • MengYu (All combo)

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