Doublelift admits he's bored of streaming League of Legends, announces plans for after LCS

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League of Legends veteran Peng "Doublelift" Yiliang is bored of the game. 


On August 5, Doublelift decided to address fans about his thoughts and feelings, as well as what it means for the future. This candid and honest video was brought about by Doublelift and his girlfriend, Leena Xu, getting the new Delta variant of COVID. 


While Doublelift explained to fans that he predicts he will be "perfectly healthy in a few weeks," he admitted that the situation did make him think about his life a bit more, especially what he's appreciative for. He told fans that he's "grateful for so many things" and feels "super blessed." 


"When I was a pro player, I had just turned 18. I was so lucky to find something that I loved doing that felt so effortless, that I could put all my time and effort into. I never took it for granted. I pushed myself to work extra hard," Doublelift said about his long time at the top. "I can give insight into what it's like and why players are doing certain things. I think it's fun. It's something I'm really passionate about."



But lately, Doublelift hasn't been feeling as excited about League of Legends. Fans have noticed that his streams are infrequent. He has currently only broadcasted when the LCS is on and he's doing watch parties with other pro players. Doublelift said it's the highlight of his week. 




"I don't want to play League," Doublelift admitted. 


According to the outspoken streamer, he feels he has "nothing to play for." Solo queue seems "watered-down" to him compared to what he'd done for 10 years as a pro player. In fact, it feels "meaningless" to him. 


" It has turned into a job," Doublelift admitted. "I don't want streaming to become a job. I don't care about the money at all. What matters to me is feeling like I'm doing something that I like and that's enjoyable and fulfilling and sharing it with other people."


What is Doublelift planning to do in the future?


Without streaming League of Legends, what will Doublelift have left? According to Doublelift, a lot! He said he has a lot of interests outside of League of Legends, including playing World of Warcraft and VALORANT. He's always trying new games and is a "huge fucking nerd." 


So what will he do after the LCS season ends? 


"I want to be productive. I don't want to jack off all day," Doublelift told his viewers. 


This includes maybe doing a podcast. Or maybe making informational videos about League of Legends and other topics he finds interesting. 


Said Doublelift: "Playing so much drained my battery for that. Now that I'm only doing watch parties, I'll have a lot more productive energy for that kind of stuff." 

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