[FIX] Apex Legends Season 10 download is stuck for many players


Source: Respawn Entertainment

Many players excitedly flocked to Apex Legends to check out the new season 10 Emergence update on Tuesday, only to be met with download errors preventing them from playing the game. Dozens of players have reported having their download get stuck around 30-40%, just short of playable.

Origin struggles to load the Season 10 Emergence update for Apex Legends

So far, no players have discovered a working solution to the bugged download other than just waiting it out and hoping that the download resumes. Presumably, the download freezes are related to the increased server traffic surrounding the launch of the new season. Players have reported similar bugs as far back as 2019 while trying to download Apex using the Origin launcher.

How to fix the Apex Legends stuck download

For those experiencing this bug, rest assured that the fault is not with your system. You can reinstall Origin, restart your PC, reinstall software packages, and it won't help fix this issue. I know, because I tried all of that.


It seems that the only thing that does work, at least in some cases, is patience. After I left the frozen download for about 40 minutes, it finally started downloading again randomly. So if your download is stuck, try leaving it downloading at 0 byte/sec and see if it starts back up again.


Even after it started back up again, it continued to periodically stall through the downloading process, lending credence to the idea that this might be related to server overload. Hopefully, Respawn will supply a fix to the servers, or whatever is going on, soon.

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