[LCK] AF Leo: "I knew that this team was a great team... The late game was all AF needed to fix."


On the 13th, in the 2021 League of Legends Champions Korea Summer Split, Afreeca Freecs took a perfect 2-0 win over DRX. Afreeca Freecs’ performance was completely different from that of the spring. The Afreeca Freecs that got weaker in the late game wasn’t there anymore and they showed their best performance until the end.


Han “Leo” Gyeo-re had a hard time over his career. He was first known as a hot prospect from T1, but he wasn’t able to grow to become a starter for the team. He then joined Liiv SANDBOX and competed for the starting spot, but he wasn’t successful there, either.


Leo parted with Liiv SANDBOX after he was removed from the roster. Still, there was hope for Leo. Leo joined Afreeca Freecs prior to the summer split to get another chance — maybe the last chance — to prove his value. After Afreeca Freecs defeated DRX, Leo was smiling widely as he was interviewed.


“As much as I often showed regretful performances, I needed to do well no matter what,” said Leo. “As much as I’m desperate, I'm working really hard.” About the synergy with his teammates, Leo said, “I knew that this team was a great team. Although they did fall in the late game, the late game was all Afreeca Freecs needed to fix. If they did, their level of play would be extremely high. When I joined the team, everyone was trying to fix that. I believe that hard work is paying off.”


It’s only the beginning, but Afreeca Freecs had a great start in the season with 2 wins. Leo said that he’s not satisfied yet. “Obviously, I’m not yet fully satisfied with my performance. I know that there is more to improve on, and I want to show a more aggressive style.”


Lastly, Leo didn’t forget to thank the fans. “I was able to endure all the hard times because of the fans who cheered for me sincerely even when I wasn’t doing well. Please keep cheering for me and I’ll repay you for your support by living up to your expectations. Thank you.”


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