Crash Bandicoot devs call it a "dream" to have him in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate


It's not only nostalgiac Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fans that want to see Crash Bandicoot as the next DLC fighter. 


A Nintendo Life interview with Lou Studdert, a Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time creative producer at Toys For Bob, revealed that developers working closely with the classic IP are also hoping to see Crash Bandicoot in Super Smash Bros. 


"We all dream of that day, don't we? If I had any influence, I sure would love to see that as well. But it's something out of my hands entirely," Studdert said. 


The desire to see Crash Bandicoot fight Mario, Sonic, and Banjo & Kazooie in a classic rivalry within Smash has been a long-time dream for most of the Smash fanbase. And the demand for Crash only became stronger when Activision all but shut down Toys For Bob and fired most of the employees working on Crash Bandicoot games. 


Paying homage to the classic character, his games, and the team that created them would be an emotional DLC choice for Nintendo's fighting game. 


But Studdert's words seem to point towards the possibility that the next two DLC fighters in the Fighter Pass Vol. 2 aren't Crash Bandicoot. Studdert's language indicates that the idea of Crash Bandicoot being in Smash is merely a "dream." The way he worded the response seems to rule out the possibility that Nintendo approached the Crash development team at all. 


As of now, it seems that Crash Bandicoot is not the next DLC fighter. 


Of course, it's possible that someone higher up at Activision has been in discussions with Nintendo. It's also possible that Studdert is playing coy and keeping some secrets from fans. As with all of the other rumors and patterns regarding the next DLC, anything is possible and most theories lead to dead ends. 


Other possible DLC fighters that the community has thrown around include Halo's Master Chief, Dr. Eggman, and Rayman. Monster Hunter, Sora from Kingdom Hearts, and a possible Legend of Zelda character are other possibilities.


At this point, there have been no leaks, hints, or reveals from Sakurai and his team so players are completely in the dark. So far, Nintendo has seemed to completely shock the Smash community each time a fighter is revealed, introducing a character on nobody's radar like Myra & Pythra and Sephiroth. 



At this point, it would be more of a surprise if Crash Bandicoot was indeed the new fighter announced at E3. So many fans have begged for him and discussed him, it's almost a guarantee that Sakurai will reveal something completely different instead. But this is Smash. You really never know. 

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