What is the Double Bubble composition in Overwatch?

Source: Blizzard Entertainment

The Double Bubble composition is a new type of dive strategy in Overwatch that features Winston and Zarya as the tank core. The strategy was prominently displayed in the Overwatch League's 2021 season opening this past weekend. It is named double bubble because both Zarya and Winston have a "bubble" ability. Zarya has her projected barrier bubble, while Winston can drop his bubble shield.


This strategy will always feature Zarya and Winston. The heroes that fill in the DPS and Support roles, however, are more negotiable. DPS heroes that are commonly featured in this strategy include Ashe, Echo, McCree, Sombra, and Genji. Common Support picks include primarily  Brigitte and Ana, though you could probably swap in a Baptiste or a Lucio in a pinch. 

How to play the Double Bubble composition in Overwatch

Double Bubble is a difficult to execute strategy that relies upon building ultimates and using those ultimate abilities in an aggressive fashion to win key fights. The TL;DR of the composition is that your team should farm ults in neutral fights, and then use those ultimates to create space and annihilate enemy teams. The composition works best on Dorado, Gibraltar, and other payload maps with loads of high ground, but if you master the ultimate cycle at the heart of this composition, it can dominate in any mode. 


 Winston and Zarya are a deadly tank duo. Zarya can use her projected barrier to protect Winston while he initiates fights with aggressive dives. This keeps Winston alive when he goes in and usually keeps Zarya on a pretty high charge for her weapon. Zarya's bubble doesn't just protect a friendly player, it also resets status effects and blocks stuns, so it's the perfect combination for a dive composition.


On top of the Zarya bubbles, Winston will also be able to use his own Bubble shield to protect himself and his team. With such aggression from the tanks, and so many ways to block enemy abilities, ideally, this composition should draw out a significant number of enemy abilities. In this way, the tanks create space and expend enemy resources, allowing your DPS to find kills in the chaos.


The Double Bubble ultimate cycle is essential. When everyone is playing their role well, the Double Bubble should produce a consistent cycle of ultimate abilities, that when managed properly can give you the upper hand in your team fights. Your team needs to coordinate to make the most of each ultimate ability since that is the primary engine of this composition's success. 


This composition relies on a lot of individual skill and discretion. There is no obvious recipe for success with the composition, so if you want it to work for you, you are going to have to make plays. The focus on individual skill combined with high-level teamwork and communication makes this strategy desirable in upper-level games, but difficult to bring into lower-level matches. 







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