New Sykov full-auto pistol added to Warzone

Source: Activision

The Sykov pistol was unexpectedly added to both Modern Warfare and Warzone today without any official announcement from the Call of Duty developers. The pistol features a fully automatic mode and was highly anticipated before being quietly released during today's patch. It is possible that Activision didn't mean to push this pistol today, since as of writing this article, some of the challenges related to the weapon appear to not be working correctly. 


By default, this weapon is a semi-automatic pistol that functions much like any other standard pistol in the game. This pistol only starts to excel once you unlock Sorokin 140mm Automatic barrel option. When in fully automatic mode, this pistol fires at 882RPM, which is very high. When that is combined with an akimbo loadout and drum magazines, you have two very high fire rate pistols with large magazines, which is a potent combination.


The big downside to the Sykov pistol is that it features a massive level of recoil that is very hard to compensate for on both controller and mouse and keyboard. When fired from the hip in akimbo mode, there is also a high amount of bullet spread like with other pistols in the game, so you are going to want to get up-close and personal with your kills when using the Skykov pistol in Warzone.


Hopefully, the new Sykov pistol is here to stay, and Activision won't yank them back out of the game like they did when they accidentally released the crossbow early last month.

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