Sharon O'Donnell brings up new sexual assault allegations against Riot CEO Nicolo Laurent

Source: Riot Games


After Riot's CEO Nicolo Laurent was cleared of all sexual misconduct allegations by Riot themselves, the company released a full report that denied everything former employee Sharon O'Donnell accused Laurent of while working as his assistant. 


Laurent denied that he talked ill about his wife to O'Donnell, made inappropriate comments about his underwear, or asked her to "cum over." The ex parte application file also undermined O'Donnell's credibility by claiming multiple Riot employees had complained about her unprofessional behavior and communication. 


But it seems that O'Donnell is undeterred. The former executive assistant has legally filed more allegations of sexual misconduct by Laurent, according to Daily Esports' report. During an alleged meeting with an anonymous witness, O'Donnell reported that Laurent "touched her breast" and also "brushed up against her," which allowed her to "feel his privates." 


Riot responded to the latest filings by saying the allegations are "demonstrably false." The company pointed to their own files, noting that it didn't correlate with any of Laurent's claims of innocence. 


Riot continues to declare Laurent's innocence as more allegations come in

In Riot's filings on Wednesday, the League of Legends developer reiterated Laurent's innocence, going over every accusation O'Donnell made against the CEO. Laurent denied ever making any comments about O'Donnell's appearance, his own undergarments, or her personal life. He pointed to emails and texts, stating that this type of language was nowhere to be found. 


Laurent also denied any claims revolving around his wife, including that he'd allegedly asked O'Donnell to purposely schedule things so he wouldn't have to see his family. He stated that he never talked about his wife being "jealous" of "beautiful women," noting that he never made comments about his wife to O'Donnell at all except for holiday arrangements. 


While Laurent claimed his love for his family was well known across the company, this also doesn't prove he never said these things out loud. 


One of the strongest arguments in Riot's favor, however, is that O'Donnell never reported any of these instances to HR. This is something O'Donnell claimed she had done on multiple occasions. Even more damning, Riot noted that O'Donnell only went to HR on one occasion — and it was to argue that a male employee was being fired "too quick" after being accused of sexual harassment. 


O'Donnell's new sexual harassment claims have yet to be discussed by Riot publicly aside from the one quick comment the game developer shared right after. 

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