[Worlds 2020] MAD Humanoid: "It was really a rough tournament so far. I expected to be way higher in the group standings."

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MAD Lions returned from hell as they won in the tiebreakers against INTZ in the play-ins of the 2020 League of Legends World Championship. Unlike many people expected, MAD Lions struggled in this stage, falling with a 1-3 record. Fortunately for them, they were able to make it through to reach the knockout stage against Papara SuperMassive. After their win against INTZ, Marek “Humanoid” Brázda joined Park Jee-sun for an interview.



Congratulations on your win. With this victory, you are now advancing to the knockout stage tomorrow. How do you feel?


Yeah, it feels really good to advance. It was really a rough tournament so far. I kind of expected to be way higher in the group standings. I didn't expect to be one game away from being out of the tournament in play-ins so it feels really good right now.

INTZ locked in Kog'Maw for mid lane. Was that expected a little bit?


It wasn't really expected, but we weren't scared of it since Kog'Maw really needs a lot of set up, from his team; a lot of CC. But they didn't really have that much. So it ended up being kind of useless because it's hard to hit skillshots with him. We weren't expecting it but it wasn't really good.

However, Camille and Kog'Maw were super fed until the mid-game. What was the turning point for you guys to turn the game around?


There was one fight that Camille got one-shot before the fight even started. From that, they can't really win the rest of the fight because Camille was the most fed member. If he gets one-shot from the start, we can just run them down. We got Ocean soul from that and once you have ocean soul, it's hard to lose. Especially since they have Kog'Maw, which kind of needs to poke you, so from that point, we knew it was won.

You'll be facing Papara SuperMassive in a best of five series format. How confident are you in that format?


If you asked me about five days ago, I would be more confident. But now, I'm still pretty confident. I think we'll play better in a best of five format. I wouldn't say that we would stomp them because we were playing really bad so far, but I think that we can play way better than this.

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