SB FATE: "It’s the first time that I’m on a win streak, so it holds a lot of meaning."


On the 8th (KST), SANDBOX Gaming took on Hanwha Life Esports in the 2020 LCK Summer split. Despite many predicting a fierce series between the two teams, SB dominated HLE to take the 2-0 victory over HLE. 


The mid laner for SB, FATE, joined the press room at LoL Park, Seoul for a post-match interview.



How does it feel to be on a two-match win streak?


It’s the first time that I’m on a win streak, so it holds a lot of meaning. It definitely feels good.

Did YamatoCannon say anything in particular before the match?


Nothing in particular that stands out. Just like always, he told us the things we needed to hear before matches.

Game 1 had its rough patches for SB early on.


We made a lot of mistakes, so we lost control of the flow of the game. However, we believed that we would outscale them, so we didn’t think we were too far behind. We had Aphelios and Karma, so we thought that we have better teamfights.

Lava played mid Fiddlesticks in game 2. 


Although I haven’t played against Fiddlesticks too many times, I didn’t think it was that great. Personally, I thought, “Really? Are they going to play Fiddlesticks?” but I wasn’t caught off guard or anything. Orianna doesn’t have anything that can interrupt Fiddlesticks’ W, Bountiful Harvest, so the laning phase was a bit tricky. However, we knew that Fiddlesticks was not going to snowball, so overall, I wasn’t pressured.

Your next opponent is kt Rolster. What did you think of their performance tonight?


Because TusiN was absent, I thought it would be hard for them to win. However, Smeb played incredibly well on Maokai. I think that DRX underestimated KT. As far as I know, TusiN won’t be starting against us, so we’ll need to prepare well.

How’s the team atmosphere these days? Is practice getting better?


The scrim results are pretty satisfactory, and we’re winning more than before, so it’s a lot better.

How far do you think the team will be able to climb in the standings?


Rather than setting a clear goal for ourselves, all we want to do is win as many games as possible.

Lastly, a word to your fans?


We’re now on a win streak, so we’ll continue to ride this momentum to win as many games as possible.

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