AF Fly: "With today's victory, i hope that LCK's 'Elite 4' becomes the 'Elite 5'."


On the 5th (KST), Afreeca Freecs and kt Rolster faced off on day 15 of the 2020 LCK Summer split. With a set score of 2-0, AF took the quick match victory against KT. As the two teams were in the middle of the standings, this match was incredibly important for both teams, and with AF’s victory, they now stand in 3rd place of the LCK standings.


Fly, who was named player of the game for both game 1 and 2, joined the official broadcast for a POG interview.



With this victory, the team’s now in 3rd place. How do you feel?


This was a very important match for us, and I’m glad to get the 2-0 victory.

How do you rate your own performance tonight?


Unlike how I usually play, I played pretty well tonight. I’m usually pretty lethargic, but I was very active on the Summoner’s Rift today.

What kind of feedback did you receive from the coaching staff for this drastic change in game play?


I actually didn’t feel too great physically, but the general manager of the team even gave me a massage, so it helped me perform better today.

People are expecting your Aurelion Sol to be picked in competitive play!


I’m always looking at opportunities to pick it, but it has not presented itself yet.

Most Syndras opt to take Phase Rush on Syndra, but why did you decide to take Arcane Comet on Syndra?


Because there weren’t that many slows nor crowd control, I wanted more damage output.

Syndra’s a highly contested pick right now, but your win rate on the champion is quite low. In your opinion, what are her strengths and weaknesses?


Although her burst damage is incredible, it’s hard to land her skillshots and is hard to properly space on the champion. Because of such things, I think my win rate on her is low, but I played her pretty well today.


Kiin’s the only player that’s picking Urgot in the LCK. How do you rate Kiin’s Urgot?


He’s good on all the champions he plays, and he’s like an immovable rock.

Many talk about the ‘Elite 4’ teams of the LCK. Do you think that Afreeca should be a part of that to make it the ‘Elite 5’?


I actually heard inside personnel (casters) talk about the ‘Elite 4’, and I hope that with today’s match victory, many will add our team to that list as well and change the name to the ‘Elite 5’.

Your next match is against DAMWON Gaming. Your lane opponent is ShowMaker, who’s been performing exceptionally in the recent days. How do you see the lane match up?


I’m scared because ShowMaker’s incredibly good. I hope to go 50-50 or get carried by my team (laughter).

Lastly, a word to your fans.


I was just trying to be humble with what I said earlier, and I hope that we’ll win 2-0 in the next game as well.

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