KT Kuro: "We felt to our own shortcomings vs DAMWON... It felt like a wake up call."


On the 3rd (KST), kt Rolster faced off against SeolHaeOne Prince in the 2020 LCK Summer split. With a set score of 2-0, KT defeated SeolHaeOne Prince in a very clean fashion. Their victory tonight was the most clean victory they had in the Summer split, as they seemed to be a totally different team from how they looked against DAMWON Gaming in their last match.


Lee “Kuro” Seo-haeng joined the press room at LoL Park to talk about the match in the post-match interview.



How does it feel to take the victory tonight against SP?


Today’s victory was the cleanest we’ve had in the Summer split so far, so it definitely feels good.

What do you think was the driving force behind the team’s clean victory?


I think the loss against DAMWON Gaming was the reason. We got stomped really hard that match, so it felt like a wake up call.

After the hard loss against DAMWON Gaming, what did the team do to improve?


We did a bunch of things. Our head coach scolded us as well, and we also rewatched VODs of the games we did well.

Can you tell us some reasons why you lost your last match?


When we watched replays of the match, there were a lot of moments where we kept telling ourselves to fight, and I think that’s a big reason why we lost. The match would’ve went differently if we took a deep breath to take it slower and take fights that are advantageous for us, but we were too hasty. We fell to our own shortcomings vs DWG.

Is there anything specific that came from the coaching staff?


They told us that it’s okay to fight, but take the fights after finding or after creating advantageous states before skirmishing. 

How would you rate your own game play tonight (out of 10)?


Around seven or eight out of ten in game 1, and because I picked a blue card once in game 2, so, five out of ten. My teammates did make fun of me for that blue card.

BonO, in his POG interview, complimented his team a lot.


We may joke around a lot, but we lift each other up a lot as well. Early game is very important as a jungler, so that’s why we motivated him.

Next match up is against Afreeca Freecs.


They’re playing pretty well these days, and if we manage to take them down in our next match, I think we’ll be able to go on a win streak, just like we did in Spring. We’ll have to prepare well.

Lastly, a word to your fans?


Recently, the weather is pretty fickle, so please take care of yourselves, and please continue to cheer for KT.



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