DRX Keria: "Lifting the LCK championship trophy is the only way to become the best support player in Korea."

Source: Official LCK Broadcast


On the 28th (KST), DragonX took on Afreeca Freecs in the 2020 LCK Summer split. With a set score of 2-0, DRX was able to take down AF. It was a battle of the unorthodox vs standard team compositions. With many new champions, such as Morgana and Gragas being played in the mid lane, DRX came out on top as the winners.


Keria and Deft, the Player of the Game (POG) for game 1 and 2 respectively, joined the official LCK broadcast for an interview.

Thoughts on the victory and going undefeated with a 4-0 record?


Deft: I think this is the first time that we went 2-0. Although I’m glad that we won 2-0, there’s a lot of things that need to be fixed.

There were many new attempts during the draft today. What was the team’s concept today?


Deft: CvMax always says that as long as we play well, we’ll win, and we felt that with our composition, we’d win no matter what.

Keria, thoughts on the victory?


Keria: I haven’t been named POG recently, but BeryL (support player for DAMWON Gaming) was named POG multiple times. I came into today’s match with the hopes of being named POG, and I’m glad that I did.

Many support players only had great things to say about Keria. Ben, the support player for Afreeca Freecs, even said that Keria reminded him of MadLife at his prime. However, the spotlight shifted towards BeryL with his Pantheon, so how do you feel?


Keria: I already received a lot of spotlight during the Spring split, and I feel that lifting the LCK championship trophy is the only way to become the best support player in Korea.

You said that you’d sing for us if you become champions, so have you chosen a song for us yet?


Keria: Wow, I didn’t know that you knew about that. I don’t want to get ahead of myself, so I’ll focus on winning for now.

Why did DRX ban out Poppy?


Deft: We saw that Spirit was playing Poppy a lot in the jungle, and we haven’t played against a jungle Poppy a lot, so we banned it.

DRX has great laning phase statistics, but not when it comes to objectives. Does the team tend to focus a lot more on the laning phase?


Keria: Deft’s the core member of the team, so perhaps he can answer this question (laughter).


Deft: Situationally, we put priority on different things, so who knows?

Historically, Deft gave up a lot of his own resources for the team, yet the team composition in game 1 seemed to focus around Deft. 


Deft: My Qs landed quite well today, so it was a lot of fun. In terms of team composition, it really does feel different when the enemy steps on Morgana’s W, so it worked out.

Keria, as an incredible Morgana player yourself, how did you find Chovy’s performance on Morgana tonight?


Keria: Chovy’s good on every champion he plays, and his Morgana is no exception. I’d give it a 5/5.

Then, how’d you rate his Gragas today?


Keria: I think he’s better with Gragas than I am, so I’m not worthy to rate his Gragas (laughter).

Can you point out some of the mistakes that the team made today? What kind of feedback do you think the team will receive?


Deft: We feel that as long as the game goes smoothly, our team composition in game 2 scales very well into the late game. However, there were mistakes made around mid-jungle and the fact that I couldn’t avoid Nautilus’ Q in the 3 vs 3 skirmish in the bot lane set us behind a lot, so I think the team will be talking about that.

Keria, what are some of the great things that the team did tonight?


Keria: I think the bot lane played really well tonight (laughter).

Your next opponent is Team Dynamics. Can you share some words of resolution for the match?


Deft: They’re looking very good these days, so I think we’ll need to prepare well.


Keria: Although they’re newcomers of the LCK, their members consist of LCK veterans, so we’ll need to prepare well.


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