DYN Rich on joining LCK: "Since I’m originally from Gen.G, I want to face them and have fun."

Source: Official LCK Broadcast


On the 29th (KST), Team Dynamics defeated Seorabeol Gaming 2-0 in the Winners match of the 2020 LCK Summer Tournament. This match was a battle between the two Challengers Korea teams, as both teams managed to defeat their respective LCK mainstay teams in Round 1 of the tournament. As this tournament was the last one before franchising within the league changed the landscape of the league, Team Dynamics became the newest team to join the LCK for the Summer of 2020.


The team was interviewed on broadcast to share their feelings on how it felt to join the LCK.



Congratulations on promoting into the LCK! How do you feel?


sBs: I’m super thrilled to have made it into the LCK, and not only there are many behind the scenes stories with these players, this was the third time that the team's been playing in the promotion tournament, so we’ve given it our all to make it all the way here.

This was you returning to the scene after you finished your mandatory military service. Is there a particular moment that pops into your head right now?


sBs: During the season, there was a moment when we kind of lost direction in what we were doing. However, we didn’t give up, and made it thus far.

SRB is a team that you never managed to defeat in the regular season of Challengers Korea. Did you ask the players for anything specific in preparation for this match?


sBs: We never once thought that we were worse than SRB. There were many games where we lost due to our own mistakes. We stuck to our game plan, and since we thought KaKAO was the key player on that team, we focused on getting the jungler behind, and the plan worked.

What was the focus of your draft against SRB?


sBs: We thought that they’ll be picking some unorthodox Champions, but they didn’t. We showed Aatrox early, and the fact that SRB hurriedly picked their Top champion took off pressure off us.

As a coach, what would you rate yourself out of 10?


sBs: There are things I’m still lacking, so I’d give myself a 7. I’ll make sure to work harder.

Rich, up to this point, you were only widely known for your tenure with Heroes of the Storm. How does it feel to be promoted into the LCK?


Rich: It really feels good to win, and I prepared a lot of Champions for this match, but it feels bad that I only got to play Aatrox tonight.

You earned a lot of nicknames from the community. Which one is your favorite?


Rich: Ever since my HotS days, I’ve heard the nickname, “The King of HotS” a lot, so that one’s my favorite.

You found much success after switching roles from Mid to Top. What’s the secret behind it?


Rich: The fact that I couldn’t play Mage champions well was the reason why I switched to Top lane, and Team Dynamics gave me a great offer, so things worked out in the end.

Which team do you want to face the most in the LCK?


Rich: Since I’m originally from Gen.G, I want to face them and have fun.

Beyond, it’s been 2 years since the last time you were in the LCK. How does it feel to return?


Beyond: I don’t know how to express how I feel verbally, but I do know that I feel extremely happy.

Are you satisfied with your own performance?


Beyond: I made a couple of mistakes here and there, so although I’m not completely satisfied with my performance, I’m somewhat satisfied because we won.

You went through so much during your time with MVP. How does it feel to return after so long?


Beyond: After MVP got relegated, I had a very tough time dealing with it, but worked hard to get back into the LCK. It truly feels like all my efforts paid off.

Who’s the first person that comes to your mind right now?


Beyond: I went through a rough emotional patch back in November, but there was a friend that helped me a lot back then.

Kuzan, as the “Best Mid Laner in Challengers Korea”, how does it feel to lead the team into the LCK?


Kuzan: Last Spring, I was in this exact same spot playing to promote, but things didn’t work out. I’m glad that things worked out with Team Dynamics this time around.

In the voice comms of Game 1, you were jokingly scolded to be careful. Did such feedback help your gameplay in Game 2?

Kuzan: I definitely kept my eye out for the enemy Jungler in Game 2.

What kind of performance do you want to put on in the LCK?


Kuzan: We didn’t get to scrim a lot against the LCK teams, so my goal is to climb high into the standings.

Feiz, do you feel disappointed that you didn’t get to show everything you’ve got tonight?


Feiz: I think I’ve shown what I got yesterday, so I didn’t really feel pressured.

You’ve finally made it into the LCK. How do you feel?


Feiz: I feel so happy right now that my head feels kind of blank. I’ll make sure to show a better performance in the LCK.

Can you tell us a bit about your synergy with GuGer, who’s a veteran in the scene?


Feiz: GuGer has a great personality and does a lot for me in and outside the game, so it’s helped me a lot in my growth.

Can you say a few words to the LCK fans watching at home?


Feiz: I’ll make sure to perform well, so please send us a lot of support.

Captain GuGer, after the match was over, you were tearing up. How does it feel to make it into the LCK?

GuGer: I’ve played in promotion tournaments many times, and playing in it is not easy. Although everyone else’s season might be over, I have to keep going, and although it’s good if I win, I’m back to square one if I lose. I’m really happy that we got promoted because we knew we played well.

This is your sixth time playing in the promotion tournament. Was the energy different this time around compared to your last attempts?


GuGer: As an expert in promotion tournaments, there was a certain feeling that I got this time around. If I was mentally strong and had faith in the in-game prospects of things, I believe that I was going to perform well. I told the team that as the expert of promotion tournaments, I have a good feeling about this time. I told the team that we’re going to make it no matter what, and gave them motivation.

In your perspective, who’s the Player of the Game (PoG) for tonight?


GuGer: Based on the style of our gameplay, the Jungler has to be the one that has to be proactive around the map. Our Laners are greedy, and are always calling the Jungler for ganks/counterganks, so he’s always busy. I’d say the PoG goes to our Jungler.

You’ll be facing Secret, who was not only your former teammate, but also has this rival-like relationship with you. How does it feel to be playing against him in the near future?


GuGer: We were close friends, but ever since he got promoted into the LCK, we stopped contacting each other (laughter). Even still, we’re good friends, but as competitors, I’ll definitely win.



Would you like to send a message to Secret?


GuGer: Now that we’re playing in the same league (laughter), I hope to have fun on the Rift against each other.

Lastly, as the captain, can you send a message to the fans?


GuGer: Although we looked shaky during the regular season, I want to thank all the fans that supported us through thick and thin. Thank you.




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