Cloud9 Inori: "No one will forget my past, but I'm here to leave a better mark."


After a rocky early start to his career followed by him leaving the LCS and taking a break for a couple years, Rami "Inori" Charagh returned to professional League of Legends, winning his first split back playing for Cloud9 Academy. The team started off 2-4, but they went on to only lose one more game through the entire rest of the regular season and Playoffs. 


Not only did Inori and the team have to adapt to break out of their early season slump, they also had to adapt to playing from home amidst the chaos of COVID-19. The last couple weeks of the regular split, along with the entirety of Playoffs left the League of Legends Championship Series playing from home in an online format. And while Inori ackowledges that results could have been different under more normal circumstances, he remains confident that they would still have taken the title.



Inori spoke with us right after that Academy Championship victory, breaking down their split, how they adapted and grew, their situation with the coronavirus and more. He concludes by recounting his beginnings a few years ago, and how he plans to make changes for himself in the coming years.


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