DWG Nuguri on his many nicknames: "If I had to pick one, I’d say it’s the “Angry Nuguri.”

Source: Official LCK Broadcast


On the 18th (KST), kt Rolster faced off against DAMWON Gaming in the Wildcard match of the 2020 LCK Spring playoffs. With a set score of 2-1, DWG took down KT in a very heated match between the two teams. In both of the games that DWG won, they drafted team compositions that outscaled the enemy team composition mid-late game to take the victory, and with it, they now face DragonX in Round 1 of the LCK playoffs.


The two POG of the series, Nuguri and ShowMaker, joined the official broadcast for the post-match interview.



Congratulations on the victory. How do you feel?


ShowMaker: I knew that tonight’s match was not going to be easy. It really was difficult, and I’m glad that we won.


Nuguri: I was nervous because of us botching at the teamfight near the Dragon pit in Game 3, but I’m glad that we won.

Tonight, there were many interesting picks overall. Were they prepared specifically for tonight’s match?


Nuguri: Syndra Bot lane and Top Kalista were picks that we’ve been lowkey preparing to bust out when the time’s right, and that time was tonight. 

What did the team think about Jungle Pantheon that Canyon played in Game 2?


ShowMaker: We were definitely going to play Pantheon tonight, but after Game 2, we realized that it was a Trap card.

During the regular season, Nuguri was solo killed a lot by SoHwan. Are you glad that you got your revenge tonight?


Nuguri: Not only did Canyon and I manage to dive him successfully multiple times, I won lane in Game 3, so I’d say I successfully got my revenge.

Nuguri, the fans created a lot of nicknames for you. Is there a specific one you like?

Nuguri: Not really, and I’m embarrassed by all of it. Although, if I had to pick one, I’d say it’s the “Angry Nuguri”. 


▲ "Angry Neoguri", a spicier version of a certain instant noodle brand in Korea (Source: Nongshim Youtube)


Although there were many times that Nuguri died a lot, because of ShowMaker putting bandages on the death, it feels like the team was able to transition smoothly into victory.


ShowMaker: Although he does die a lot, it also means that there isn’t a Top Laner out there that plays as aggressively well as him.

Can you talk about the botched teamfight near the Dragon pit in Game 3?


ShowMaker: I actually have something to say about this. I told the team that I was going to get Quicksilver Sash, but BeryL told me “Huh? Why? I have Mikael’s Crucible!”, so I bought a B.F. Sword instead. However, he didn’t use Mikaels on me! Something similar happened last year as well, so it’s not my fault, and it’s unfortunate that he didn’t use it on me (laughter).

DWG’s next opponent is DragonX. Nuguri, they say that you learn a lot from Doran, so are you excited to play against him?


Nuguri: I even bought a new phone to watch replays of his personal screen. He plays very well in lane, and it’s one of his strong points, so I’m definitely excited.

The last time DWG played DRX, the team lost with 26 HP left on the enemy Nexus. Can you share your resolution for the upcoming match against DRX?


ShowMaker: It’s unfortunate how it played out. If a situation like that arises again, I’ll make sure to make sure to use Flash, tell Ghost to Teleport faster, and win.


Nuguri: We only have two days left before the match against DRX, so we’ll prepare well for it and win.

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