T1 Teddy: "In Game 2, I wanted the game to go on longer so that I can show off, but Effort ended that game quickly, so it sucks that the game ended so early."

Source: Official LCK Broadcast


On the 9th (KST), T1 took on SANDBOX Gaming in Round 2 of the 2020 LCK Spring. With a set score of 2-0, T1 was able to take the dominating victory against SB. T1 was able to make numerous picks in the side lanes, and with them, they were able to transition those picks into victory. Through T1’s dominating performance tonight, they continue their ascension to the very top of the LCK standings, while SB has been knocked out of playoffs contention.


The two POG of the series, Teddy and Effort, joined the broadcast for a post-match interview.


Congratulations on tonight’s victory. How do you feel?


Teddy: It feels good to win, especially because it’s a 2-0 victory.


Effort: Not only do I feel good because it’s a 2-0, our bot lane was named POG for both games, so that makes it even sweeter.

Not only did Canna play very aggressive picks, his playstyle was reflective of his picks as well. Was there a notable change in the team’s direction?


Teddy: Canna always played well and aggressively, but the team sometimes didn’t allow him to play that way.


Effort: Depending on the direction of our team’s gameplay in games, he adapts really well.

As the last match was a loss for you, what kind of feedback did the team give?


Teddy: We talked about how each lane was underperforming. We took it as it is and worked hard for tonight’s match.

Is T1 internally creating various win patterns?


Teddy: That’s right. We try to mix things up, and attempt various things within the team. That includes champions as well.

T1 picked Lucian Top, as well as Diana in the Mid lane.


Teddy: It worked out well, so I'd say the picks were very effective.

Effort, there were mistakes made in Game 1. Can you describe how it was for you?


Effort: I could’ve closed out Game 1 without making any mistakes, but it sucks that I did make some. I’m glad that Game 2 went a lot better for me.

You were very proactive in your roams. Did the team give you a new mission?


Effort: Depending on which champion I play, I play a different role. It’s different every time, but some champions require me to roam a lot, while others require me to stay in lane.

Teddy, even during the hectic skirmishes and teamfights, you did not make any mistakes and was named POG. How do you rate your own play tonight?


Teddy: Game 1 was pretty standard. In Game 2, I wanted the game to go on longer so that I can show off, but Effort ended that game quickly, so it sucks that the game ended so early. 

Your next opponent is KT Rolster, the classic telecom derby.


Teddy: Not only it’s the classic telecom wars, KT is a team that recently went on the massive win streak, and KT’s bot lane is very good, so we’ll make sure to prepare well for the match.


Effort: I agree with Teddy. The race in the standings is quite fierce at the moment, so we’ll make sure to play well.

Lastly, any words you’d like to share with your fans?


Teddy: I’ll make sure to win the rest of our upcoming matches.


Effort: Thank you for always cheering us on. There aren’t that many matches left in the regular season, so I’ll make sure to perform well and win.

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