DRX Doran: "If Chovy ever says he wants to play top lane, I don’t want to give him my spot unless he pushes me out by being better."


On the 1st of March (KST), DragonX defeated Griffin in the 2020 League of Legends Champions Korea Spring Split. With today’s win, DragonX gained their 6th win and placed themselves at 3rd place in the standings. After the match, top laner Choi “Doran” Hyeon-joon responded to some questions from Inven Global.



How do you feel about today’s win?


I’m happy that we’ve started a winning streak and I’d like to win our next match as well to extend it to three.

As much as you were facing your previous team, you must have wanted to win more.


I didn’t think of it too much, but when I saw my former teammates at LoL Park today, I suddenly wanted to win more.

What did you focus on for today’s match?


We didn’t have anything in particular for today’s match and just did our best during practice as we always did.

DragonX is doing quite well. What do you think is working out as a team?


The other four players are doing well on their own. The team synergy has gotten a lot better. We’re all concentrating on developing our individual performances now.

You swapped lanes again today with Chovy. If Chovy says he wants to become a top laner, would you be willing to trade positions with him like G2 did?


Other lanes are no fun. I don’t want to play any other lane. If Chovy ever says he wants to play top lane, I don’t want to give him my spot unless he pushes me out by being better.

It seems the team synergy is a lot better than the beginning. How far do you think you are from your goal?


What we do every day is have the five of us play together as a team, so the synergy improves naturally. I wouldn’t know specifically how far, but we still lack in many parts so I think there’s still a far way to go.

Is there someone within the team that you get along with better than the others?


It feels comfortable when I talk to coach Moo-seong, maybe because he’s also a top laner.

It seems people spotlight the rookies, Pyosik and Keria, more than you. Do you ever feel jealous of the attention they get?


Whatever evaluation it is, I’ve been attracting more attention than I thought I would, so I haven’t felt jealous.

Your next match is against DAMWON Gaming and will be facing Nuguri in top lane. How will you prepare?


I think Nuguri’s laning is really good. I’ll be always alert about that, but I think I’ll be able to win if I just prepare as I always do.

Any last comments?


I’ll make sure that we do well in our next match so that we can continue our winning streak.

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