Riot updates: Sett heads to live servers, Fiddlesticks and Volibear rework progress, teases for champions coming to League of Legends in 2020

▲ Final Fiddlesticks concept art.


The week of Riot Games updates is almost over. After the publisher shared more updates about the expanding universe, Legends of Runeterra and Teamfight Tactics, today it was the turn of League of Legends. Updates were given about Sett, the rework progression of Fiddlesticks and Volibear, and they even teased some plans for champions to come out later in 2020.


Sett, the Ionian tank who has been available on the PBE server for a while now, heads to the live servers. Sett has mostly been played in the jungle position—his Q allows him to run rapidly to opponents, and his ult literally pins them down—and in the top lane—he's tanky and regenerates health pretty quickly. Anyone who has earned the item "Sett's Calling Card" will get Sett completely free.


Champion reworks


It's been known for a while that both Fiddlesticks and Volibear were receiving a rework in League of Legends. For Fiddlesticks, Riot's goal was to make him feel like actual nightmare material. As can be seen above, his new model is quite different from the one currently on the live servers. But delivering the horror theme extends beyond updating his visuals: his abilities are being updated as well.


Riot says: "(...) we’re giving Fiddle new mechanics that are built around its iconic Crowstorm. This includes giving Fiddlesticks more ways to stay hidden and find—or create—opportunities to ambush enemies. When a player succeeds at executing the perfect jump scare, we want to also make sure they’re in a powerful position to win the fight."




For Volibear, the goal was to give him a more savage look. According to the lore, he's a demigod who's been around for thousands of years and has fought in many wars. In his current skin, that apparently wasn't reflected enough, but his updated model definitely drives the point home that this bear is out to brawl.


In a previous rework preview, Volibear looked already a lot scaried, and players wanted a more "Eldritch Horror" theme for the base champion. That won't happen, though  a new, actual Eldritch Horror skin will be created for Volibear along the same theme, and everyone who owns Volibear or purchases him on the patch his reworked version joins the live servers gets this skin for free. Afterwards, the skin joins the regular shop.


▲ The reworked, more savage Volibear.


This year there will be a poll once again, where League of Legends players can vote which champions should be reworked next. The selected champions will be sent to the developers, and if all goes according to plan their updated versions will go live in 2021.


New champions teases


Not much has been shown yet, but Riot has given some hints about the champions coming to Summoner's Rift in 2020. One of the new champions will be a character that has appeared in the League of Legends lore already—similar to how Senna existed in the lore as Lucian's wife before she joined the game. Then there'll be a jungler that "blossoms"—perhaps a champion that rivals Ivern's tree-like natures? The last hint is a masked champion that "refuses to die", indicating either an undead being or one that has invincibility mechanics.

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