[KeSPA Cup] T1 Faker: "Happy New Year’s to everyone for 2020. I hope you all cheer for T1 a lot next year as well."


On the 31st (KST), the 2019 KeSPA Cup clash between Gen.G Esports and T1 ended in a close 2-1 victory in T1’s favor. It was a long match, involving a pause in Game 3, but T1 didn’t lose their concentration and took the game. Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok was himself, performing well on Cassiopeia, Rumble, and Lissandra. He said his New Year’s greetings to the fans in a post-match interview.


How do you feel about winning today’s match?


It’s been a while since we played last. I had a lot of worries thinking if we’ll be able to win our first match with the new members. I’m extremely satisfied that we were able to win the first match as this team, and the last match of 2019.

How’s the teamwork and atmosphere in the team house with the new members?


We all act thoughtfully so we get along well. I think we still lack in many parts and that we’ve improved in some ways through today’s match. I have a positive outlook since everybody puts in their best efforts. The coaching staff is also trying their best to have a positive influence on the players.

You faced your former teammate, Clid. How was it? And How was your first official match with Cuzz?


Since I met Clid as an opponent, I tried harder. I didn’t want to lose. Also, I thought it would be really good for the team’s morale if we won today. The mid-jungle synergy wasn’t specifically great in today’s match, but we’re still working on it, so you can look forward to our performance in the future.

With all the updates in the Rift, it feels that the matches got shorter and faster.


Comparably, the turret gold was reduced and the dragons changed. It feels that there are more teamfights than before.

You were on “Radio Star”. How was it?

*Note: Radio Star is a popular entertainment TV show in Korea.


It feels that I’m not that fond of entertainment TV shows. I hope fans don’t look forward to it too much, but at the same time, I hope a lot of people watch it. I might be more suitable for documentaries, but if they call for me to appear in the future, I’ll be ready to be there (Laughs).

Your schedule seems to be packed. Are you maintaining your condition properly?


These days are busier than any other time. Frankly, my condition isn’t that great. It was my first time coming to the arena with a sick condition. I was quite worried that I had an upset stomach, but fortunately, it was alright during the match. I must have been careless about maintaining my condition with my busy schedule. After the KeSPA Cup, I’m planning to exercise more to help with my condition. I’ll be able to come back healthier next year.

Your next match is against SANDBOX Gaming.


There still are parts that the team doesn’t do well regarding teamwork and synergy. We’ll try to improve that so that we can face SANDBOX with a better performance. I’ve never won a KeSPA Cup before. Since we got to the semifinals, I’ll do my best [to win it].

Lastly, a New Year’s greetings to the fans?


Happy New Year’s to everyone for 2020. I hope you all cheer for T1 a lot next year as well. I’ll do my best and run towards Worlds.

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