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[KeSPA Cup] DRX Keria: " I always believed in Chovy, but after Game 1, my faith in him got even bigger."



It wasn’t an easy match for the rookies that don’t have much experience. In the 2019 KeSPA Cup match between DragonX and Spear Gaming, DragonX took the win. Especially in Game 1, DragonX gave up 4 dragons, but they turned the game around. After the match, DragonX support Ryu “Keria” Min-seok shared his thoughts in an interview.


It wasn’t an easy match. How do you feel about today's win?


I’m happy that we won, but it’s regretful that we weren’t able to do as well as we practiced.

You were famous in the scene even before joining a pro team. How does it feel playing alongside the pro players?


When I first started playing the team game, I felt that it was completely different. However, as I got used to it, there were parts that weren’t that different. I’m doing my best to adapt to the professional stage as soon as possible.

Game 1 was quite difficult.


In scrims, I knew what to do and reacted quickly even when we were falling behind. But falling behind while playing on stage wasn’t easy to adapt to. I would need to get accustomed to the professional stage.

You contributed to the turnaround in Game 1 with Chovy. Did you have faith that you can win?


When Chovy started fighting, I just tried to help him. Honestly, I wasn’t sure that we would win that fight since we didn’t have a damage champion. I tried to bring the fight down to mechanics and it just came out well. I always believed in Chovy, but after Game 1, my faith in him got even bigger.

Deft praised your mechanics a lot. How is Deft?


From before I joined, I thought he’s a fantastic player. Since I’m playing in the bot lane with Deft, what he teaches me is a big help.

Your next match is against DAMWON Gaming, and you’ll be playing against Beryl, who’s mechanics and engaging skills are really good. 


Beryl is a good player, but since it’s a team game, I think we’ll be able to win. Before today, I thought that we have the capability to win against any LCK team. However, there were some bad moments today so I believe that we’ll have to work on those parts quickly before we play against DAMWON.

Any last comments?


The match against DAMWON is the real thing. We’ll be having thorough feedback on today’s match and do our best to show better performances in our game against DAMWON. Please cheer for us.

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