Rek'Sai makes her Legends of Runeterra debut

▲ Keep an eye on the ground, Rek'sai is coming. Images via Riot Games


The beauty queen of the League of Legends universe, Rek'Sai has dug her way into Legends of Runeterra. 


In an announcement on the game's official Twitter account Wednesday afternoon, the Sand Mother will be one of three champions coming in the upcoming Rise of the Underworlds expansion. Set to go live at the end of the month, Rek'Sai will make use of the card set's newest keyword, Lure, to power herself and her allies up to inflict some pain on the opposition. 



In conjunction with her champion spell, Rek'Sai Call the Pack, revealed as part of Wednesday's announcement, two additional cards were shown which may pair well with the queen in a deck and help support a Lure archetype in Shurima.


Thus far, only four other Lurk cards have been shown so it's unknown how many of the 40 cards coming alongside the Rise of the Underworlds expansion will include or support the unique keyword. What is know, however, is that matchups featuring Lurk-centered decks will likely be decided early. If players are unable to hit Lurk cards on top of their decks with other Lurk cards then the naturally under-statted minions won't pose much of a threat to the opposition and they will get blown out of the game within the first few turns. But get a few buffs on Rek'Sai and her crew and it could get ugly on the battlefield.

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