Pyke, Ekko and Rek'Sai coming to Legends of Runeterra in Rise of the Underworlds expansion

▲ Players won't have to wait long to explore what lurks below. Images via Riot Games


The Legends of Runeterra development team unveiled what's been lurking in the shadows with the announcement of the final Legends of Runeterra expansion within the Empires of the Ascended card set.


Titled Rise of the Underworlds, the 40 card set was announced on the game's official social media accounts with an accompanying trailer to lay the groundwork for what players can soon expect.


Set to release on June 30, players were introduced to the three new champions featured in the expansion: Rek'Sai, Pyke and Ekko. While none of their cards were shown, the unique keyword introduced in the expansion, Lurk, may be an indication of what's to come.


▲ The first four cards of the Rise of the Underworlds' expansion.


Shared on the game's Twitter account, Lurk is a keyword described as: When you attack when I'm, on top of your deck, I Lurk, granting Lurker allies everywhere +1/+0. Max once per round.


While difficult to guarantee that a Lurk card will be on top of your deck to trigger the buff, the Predict mechanic introduced earlier in the expansion could help players manipulate their decks accordingly to make the most out of the keyword.


Known for hiding until it is time to strike, Pyke and Rek'Sai may be able to use the Lurk mechanic to their advantage, wiping out the opposition before they know what hits them. Ekko, a fan of time manipulation, may prefer to use the Predict keyword for his own dirty deeds.


While it was not confirmed, the game's development team will likely be slowly teasing cards coming in the expansion on their official Twitter account over the next nine days until its' release.

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