VALORANT Masters Reykjavik won't have Breeze in the map pool

Source: Riot Games


The top VALORANT teams won't be competing on the new map Breeze in VALORANT Champions Tour Playoffs in Reykjavik, Iceland. 


On Twitter, VALORANT Champions Tour announced that Breeze wouldn't be in the Playoffs map pool due in the "interest of competitive integrity." According to the tweet, Breeze was removed after discussing the map with pro players from each region. 


"Four weeks is not enough time to practice a new map," VALORANT Champions Tour tweeted. 



Masters Reykjavik is the first in-person VALORANT event in the tactical shooter's short esports history. Due to the pandemic, all competing teams will have to travel to Iceland and quarantine before the tournament. It doesn't leave a lot of time to learn the ins and outs of the new map before the high stakes competition begins, especially for teams that are still competing in the Challenger Playoffs. 


Breeze was released at the start of Episode 2 Act III, which dropped April 27. Teams haven't had a lot of time to get used to the new map, which is a vibrant, remote tropical island focused on open spaces, long angles, and sniping. Even though Michael "shroud" Grzesiek called Breeze the "best map" Riot ever made, teams don't have enough time to come up with competitive strategies and comps for the map. 


Instead, the 10 teams competing at Masters Reykjavik on May 24 will continue to perfect their strategies on the other VALORANT maps. The teams that have already qualified for the intense competition include Sentinels, Version1, Fnatic, Team Liquid, Crazy Raccoon, X10 Esports, and NUTURN. Now fans await the results of Brazil and Latin America to fill the last slots. 

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