The 12 best Legends of Runeterra decks according to Riot's data

Source: Riot Games


Together with Legends of Runeterra Patch 2.5.0, Riot Games also revealed their first in a while meta snapshot. The meta snapshot identifies the 12 best decks on ranked ladder at the moment (ranks Platinum to Master) — defined either by high play rate (3%+) or high win rate (50%+).


Fizz/Twisted Fate and Fiora/Shen lead the pack with the highest win rate, a whopping 56.4%. The two also rank among the top three most played decks, making them the kings of the meta of sorts. On the very top of the play rate is the new archetype of Trundle/Lissandra control. Reinforced with some new Empires of the Ascended card, the deck has become the new favorite tool of control players.


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Deck Play rate Win rate
Trundle/Lissandra Control 10.8% 51.7%
Fizz/TF Burn 10.6% 56.4%
Fiora/Shen Midrange 9.5% 56.4%
Azir/Lucian Scouts 7.4% 52.2%
Zoe/Aphelios Temple 4.7% 54.2%
Solo Fiora 4.5% 50.1%
Frostbite Midrange 4.1% 53.0%
Nasus/Kindred Slay Midrange 4.0% 51.8%
Pirates Aggro 3.6% 53.5%
Shurima Overwhelm 3.2% 54.5%
Discard Aggro 3.2% 53.4%
Vlad/Braum Midrange 2.9% 51.6%



It's important to note that not all of these decks will remain on top of the meta. Twisted Fate, Fiora, and Aphelios have all been nerfed, so the decks that use them as main win conditions will take a power hit. Decks like Lissandra/Trundle, however will likely keep their peak position, so they're a safe bet to invest in if you're looking for a strong deck — none of their cards have been touched. 

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