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Enter the Minds of Authentic Change Makers - IGEC "Esports Deep Dive" First Agendas and Special Tournaments Information have been released




Inven Global, an Esports and gaming media outlet, will be holding the 1st Inven Global Esports Conference (IGEC) “Esports DEEP DIVE” on May 1st, 2018. The theme of the event is “Esports DEEP DIVE” and the Agendas of panels has been released. The IGEC will feature experts  from the Esports industry, who will be sharing their first hand knowledge and storied history of their Esports careers. They will be covering their past and present experience, while also discussing what the future may look like for the Esports scene. Inven Global hopes that through the IGEC, the Esports communities of Asia and the West will be brought closer together.

The core of IGEC is its presentations and panel debates. To begin, Jack Etienne, Steve Arhancet, and Noah Whinston -- who are team owners for C9/London Spitfire, Team Liquid, and Immortals/LA Valiant respectively -- will share their stories about how they came to create professional Esports organizations, in a presentation titled, “Owning a Professional Team: How to Turn Your Dreams into Reality.”

Past and present LCK head coaches from Korea, the most competitive region in the League of Legends Esports scene, will also be attending the event to share their stories. These professionals include SKT T1’s previous head coach, “cCarter”; former StarCraft champion and current head coach of Afreeca Freecs, “iloveoove”; head coach of Jin Air Green Wings and former professional boxer, Han Sang-yong; and MVP team owner, Choi Yoon-sang. All of them will be sharing the expertise they accumulated within Korea’s Esports system and how they’re currently developing their players to become stars like Faker.

The IGEC will also have panels with professional League of Legends players MadLife and Shy, as well as professional Hearthstone player Kranich, to hear from them about their experience in the Esports industry. The event will also feature a presentation from the CEO of the Evolved Talent Agency, Ryan Morrison, AKA “The Video Game Attorney”, who will explain the the legal and technical requirements of proper player management. Also, Twitch’s tactical partnership director, Mark “Garvey” Candella will hold a presentation covering the development of college/amateur Esports. The list goes on and on, and more are set to be added.

There will be multiple activities aside from presentations as well. In the UCI Esports Arena, the Finals for our Inven Global League of Legends Collegiate Tournament will take place. Attendees will also be able to watch special exhibition matches with Shy and Madlife, fan meetings with famous professional players, and cosplay photo opportunities with professional cosplay groups.

Those who purchased a premium pass for the event will be able to attend the IGEC Premium Networking Party after a dinner with all of our speakers and other Esports personnel. You’ll be able to hear more about their thoughts and stories in detail as well free access to our team of translators prepared to facilitate international partnerships.

The CEO of Inven Global, Euideok “Vito” Oh, explained his inspiration behind the IGEC:

“There were a number of different Esports-related conferences in the past. However, most of them only focused on the business side of things -- we didn’t have many opportunities to actually hear the voices of those who are working within the industry. The IGEC will have Eastern teams share their team infrastructure, how they have such a solid Western fanbase, as well as the financial side.”

With the release of the event agendas, Vito added a few more comments about the event;

“The CEOs of Esports teams, the coaches who develop the players, the actual players themselves, and collegiate/amateur Esports personnel will all gather in one place. I sincerely hope that the IGEC will develop into a festival-like conference instead of a simple presentation event; I hope it will be a place where all Esports fans and workers can gather to communicate and enjoy.”

You can find ticket prices for the event on IGEC’s official homepage. The standard pass is priced at $499, student pass at $299, and the premium pass at $799. You can also keep tabs on the event by following @esports_con on Twitter or @esportscon on Facebook.

The following are the presentations that have been revealed so far.

◎ The Inven Global Esports DEEP DIVE Agendas

(Content of the presentations and the event Agendas will constantly be updated)

■ Owning a Professional Team: How to Turn Your Dreams into Reality

- Jack Etienne (Cloud9 & London Spitfire), Steve Arhancet (Team Liquid), Noah Whinston (Immortals & LA Valiant)
- Owners of famous North American Esports teams will gather in one place to share their experience of creating teams


■The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Life as a League of Legends Pro

- Min-ki “MadLife” Hong, Sang-myun “Shy” Park
- MadLife and Shy will share their experience of being a professional gamer.


■ More than Culture: How Korea is Fostering the Next Generation of Fakers?
- “cCarter” (Former SKT T1 head coach), “iloveoov” (Afreeca Freecs head coach), Han Sang-yong (Jin Air Green Wings head coach), and Choi Yoon-sang.
- Korea has been the leading country in Esports. What has the coaching staff done to develop and produce star players?


■ Building a Sustainable Esports Ecosystem
- Yoon Tae-won (General manager of global publishing at Super Evil Megacorp)
- How Vainglory, a mobile game, found its own place in the Esports industry against all odds. What an esport needs in order to become popular.


■ Hearthstone Pioneers Table - What Makes a Casual Card Game a Tier 1 Esport
- Hak-jun "Kranich" Baek, an NA Hearthstone Star Player (TBA)
- It’s no longer just an online card game -- it’s an esport. Players who have become famous through streaming and playing on stage will share their thoughts on how Hearthstone became successful.


■ The Future of the KSV Esports Pro Team
- Arnold Hur (Chief Growth Officer at KSV)
- Having recently made teams for League of Legends, Overwatch, Heroes of the Storm, and PUBG, KSV has been growing rapidly within the Esports industry.Where are they headed now? What are they planning?


■ The Difference Between Esports and Traditional Sports from a legal perspective.
- Ryan Morrison (CEO, Evolved Talent Agency)
- Within the Esports industry, agency and taking proper legal precautions is becoming more important by the day. By comparing Esports to traditional sports, we can get a better understanding and familiarize ourselves with these issues.


■ The Global Reach of College/University Esports
- Mark “Garvey” Candella (Director of Strategic Partnerships, Twitch), Min-kyu "Ladaa" Kyeong (Inven Broadcasting Director, Inven)
- Unlike traditional sports, Esports is broadcasted through the internet to appeal to the younger generation. Broadcast staff that have been broadcasting collegiate and amateur Esports will share their knowledge on the importance and impact of internet broadcasts.


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