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Nicola Piggott, Founder Of The Story Mob: How She Lead The Development Of Esports Communications




There are two parts of a company or organization that people are aware of. The first portion is the face of the company - the CEO or owner who represents the company on up scale national and international affairs. The second are the unseen operators - these operators tend to not be shun by the spotlight but have a substantial role in allowing the company/organization to tick. In norm, a person would either reside on one or the other. However, Nicola Piggott resides on both.


Graduating from the University of Oxford, Nicola Piggott had started the forefront of her career at Riot Games. Riot Games being one of the most influential and popular gaming companies even to this day, it was a perfect avenue for Nicola to not only progress her career but also leave her own mark in Esports. Specializing in Esports communications, Nicola worked with various regional comms teams all over the world. Nicola looked after global communications for League of Legends and talked about the live gaming experiences with media and fans.


With Esports communications being as new as Esports itself, Nicola began her campaign in venturing the importance and possibilities of Esports communications. From giving counsel to Esports organizations worldwide to driving day-to-day LCS communications, Nicola has made her way developing the Esports scene as a whole.


▲ Nicola Piggott, the founders of The Story Mob


By really making what Esports, more specifically Esports communications, to what it is today, Nicola commented on her job by saying, 'Best of all, I get to travel the world fangirling over the best competitive plays in the world.'. Being the visionary enthusiast she is, Nicola knew there was more she could do. A vision perhaps. Nicola decided on pathing away from Riot Games and venture on her own journey. Her own path to fulfill what she sees as the true potential for Esports communications.


Alongside Kalie Moore and Anna Rozwandowicz, Nicola created an Esports communications consultancy called ‘The Story Mob’. Handling the best clients in the industry such as Team Liquid, Nicola has now set out to help not only newly rising Esports organizations but also established ones to flourish. Once being apart of the ‘unseen operators’ as mentioned before, Nicola has transitioned into becoming one of the biggest faces in Esports communications.


On May 1st 2018 at UC Irvine, Nicola Piggott will be joining us at IGEC-ESPORTS DEEP DIVE (Inven Global Esports Conference) to share her knowledge in Esports communications. With the know how of how Esports works from across the world, Nicola Piggott will be a valuable addition to the conference.


Going on a panel with other established Esports representatives, we can only imagine how deep Nicola and the other representatives can immerse us into Esports. It will be a gathering that is to the ‘must attend’ category for any Esports enthusiasts.


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