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"I was the best fucking player in 2015": Leffen continues rant about missing Summit 11




One of the best Super Smash Bros. players in the world won't be at Smash Summit 11. 


William "Leffen" Hjelte revealed on Twitter this past week that he won't be able to compete at the major Smash tourney due to visa complications. 


Summit 11 will be taking place July 15 to July 18. Unfortunately for Leffen and his fans, "silly" visa problems have kept him from being able to make the trip to North America. He was one of two non-North American competitors to have received a direct invite to the intense competition. 


Summit 11 is the first in-person Smash Major since 2019. For this reason, fans have been anticipating the best players in the world to finally compete face to face. This will be seen as one of the most serious tourneys in over a year, making it all the more devasting that Leffen won't be there. 



Leffen reveals depression over missing out on Summit 11


Leffen has been visibly struggling with his mental health since COVID-19 disrupted the Melee scene. He has also missed major events in the past for similar travel issues, including EVO 2019. Not being able to go to Summit 11 seems like the final straw for Leffen, who said he might even quit the game altogether. 


"Really fucking depressed about being robbed from yet another year of Melee competition. At this point, I'm leaning towards quitting Melee and I will focus on Strive. Being out for two years straight now with no end in sight is too much, man. I feel like giving up," Leffen tweeted. 


Leffen explained to his fans that he has worked "so fucking hard" in Melee just to have "nothing to show for it," leaving him exhausted with the scene as a whole. His Melee career has been "doomed by bad luck," Leffen ranted on Twitter. 


"Maybe it's just time," he said. 


Super Smash Bros. community responds to Leffen missing Summit 11


Despite the controversy that seems to follow Leffen wherever he goes, Smash fans were disappointed to hear that he wouldn't be at Summit 11. Leffen is one of the best Melee players in the world and many anticipated his return to in-person events. 


Still, the Smash community supported Leffen's possible decision to switch to Guilty Gear Strive. Fans told Leffen that he already left a lasting legacy in Melee and was free to journey into other competitive scenes. 


Others blamed Nintendo and the competitive Smash scene for this type of situation. Fans explained that Smash needed to expand outside of the United States to expand Melee's competitive scene. Instead, it has felt stunted and hasn't "gone beyond a certain level." 


This was a sentiment Leffen also agreed on. He tweeted about the topic a bit later: "Feeling like you are the best in the world at something and yet will never get to prove it as everyone only cares about what happens in NA really is rough. Hard not to feel like all the work I put in trying to stay competitive in a far worse region was a waste..." 



Leffen stated that he didn't have an "even playing field" throughout his Melee career. He said he was the "best fucking player" back in 2015 but visa issues stopped him from succeeding. A lack of practice opportunities and continued travel issues left him "sucking" for a few years after that. 


"This time, I will be out for two years..." Leffen expressed. 


He admitted that he was just "sulking" at this point. But many fans understood his frustration. While some questioned if he truly was the "best fucking player" in 2015, most commented in support of the frustrated Melee pro since the visa situation is out of his hands once again. 

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