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A one day journey into the working world of authentic esports

igec 2019

June 4th
University of California, Irvine

Thank you for coming to IGEC 2019!
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First founded in Irvine, California, The Inven Global Esports Conference was created with one thing in mind: authenticity.

To many of us in the gaming world, esports is more than just the latest trend. It is something Inven and InvenGlobal leadership have been engaged in since the earliest days of PC Bangs in South Korea and, through IGEC, we created a place for industry experts to come together and discuss the most pressing esports topics of the year.

Last year, IGEC brought old friends and industry veterans together to encourage learning and discussion about practical solutions to real problems facing the esports industry every day.

IGEC’s inaugural keynote speaker, Kim Phan, described the heart of our event best:

“Our tribal knowledge is invaluable, so share as much as you can. My hope is that you will leave this conference with a renewed sense of purpose. To find a place in the esports ecosystem that you can help grow and be proud of."

- Kim Phan, Director Esports Operations, Blizzard Entertainment -

This year, IGEC is back and we invite you to join the conversation. On June 4th, we encourage you to join us and learn how you can shape the future of esports for the better.


There are more than professional discussions and expertise sharing in IGEC. In addition to our industry focused panels and presentations, Inven Global will host other engaging activities that will be open to UCI students and the general public. The activities will provide fun and entertainment to gamers, art and cosplay enthusiasts, and esports fans.

The free area will offer a variety of activities including

  • Super Smash Bros. Tournaments & Free Play Areas
  • Artist Alley
  • Interactive Game Developer Booths
  • Player Signings
  • "Play the Pro" Events
  • Giveaways

...and much more!


After a full day of panels, tournaments, developer booths and gaming, our Keynote speech ballroom transforms into one of the most memorable esports after parties you will experience all year.

Enjoy a fully catered dinner and an open bar as you listen to our conference closing remarks and key-takeaways. Our VIP Networking Party is jam packed with premium (and even exclusive) giveaways throughout the entire night, generously provided by our sponsors. If you are a panelist, a guest of the panelists, or an All-Access Ticket holder, your seat is reserved in the ballroom. If your PC setup could use upgrades, you won’t want to miss this event!

In addition, IGEC is once again hosting our 60-second Flash Connect networking event. An entirely optional event, participants are given the chance to take the stage and pitch whatever they want for precisely 60 seconds. It is exactly as unique of an experience as you might expect and you’d be surprised at the pitches IGEC attendees come up with when the stage is theirs and industry leaders are in the audience.


T-Shirts and hoodies are in limited supply and will not be available when the last ticket is sold

IGEC 2019

If you’d like to sponsor or partner with IGEC in any way,
contact igec@invenglobal.com
All partnerships welcome!

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UCI is the first public university to create an official Esports scholarship program and is regarded as one of the best and most comprehensive Esports programs in the world.

72% of undergraduate students at UCI identified themselves as gamers. In 2015, College Magazine ranked UCI the #1 school for gamers in North America.


Hotel Irvine has been a valuable partner with Inven Global since the 1st IGEC in the year of 2018. The visitors were satisfied, and we’d like to keep those same standards for this year again.

Through the partnership, we are now able to provide you with competitive rates that would only apply to IGEC 2019 visitors. Contact the hotel if you have any queries.

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