Treespeaker - Exclusive Card Reveal for Hearthstone: Rastakhan's Rumble

Card Name : Treespeaker

Class : Druid

Rarity : Epic

Type : Minion

Clan : None

Mana : 5

Stats : 4/4

Battlecry: Transform your Treants into 5/5 Ancients.

Joining the third expansion slot for the Year Of The Raven, Rastakhan’s Rumble’s cards have been steadily teased. Today, a new card has been released for the Rastakhan’s Rumble expansion.

Inven Global is proud to present our official card reveal and preview.

We hereby present...Treespeaker.

Treespeaker is an epic Druid class card. Costing 5 mana with a 4/4 body, Treespeaker’s battlecry transforms your Treants into 5/5 Ancients. Despite the limiting ‘Minion’ clan tag, if Treespeaker is able to transform even one Treant, you can expect to gain 7/7 worth of stats (4/4 on the Treespeaker and an additional +3/+3 on the Treant).

Although the baseline stat you gain for 5 mana is not great, you apply pressure to your opponent by having just a couple of Treants on the board. Your opponent cannot take the risk of not removing a Treant; in the possibility of it turning into a 5/5 Ancient. With the synergy from cards such as ‘Force Of Nature’, ‘Cenarius’, ‘Landscaping’, and ‘Tending Tauren’, you can either effectively flood the board with a bunch of Treants or buff existing minions. You can even put Treespeaker with ‘Soul Of The Forest’ to create a Treant Token Druid Deck.



It is possible to see an already popular deck, Token Druid, and add further reinforcements to the ‘Force Of Nature’ + ‘Soul Of The Forrest’ combo. Despite the possibilities, at the end of the day, can this deck type surpass the already successful Token combo with either ‘Savage Roar’ + ‘Branching Paths’? Rather than flooding the board with Treants in hopes of transforming them into 5/5 Ancients, you can question that it might be better off sticking with the “easier to pull off” combo.

Regardless, Treespeaker’s viability is still up in the air. Keeping in mind the possible synergy with ‘Mulchmuncher’ and future cards from Rastakhan which is not yet released, it is too early to determine Treespeaker’s place in the meta.

▲ Treespeaker's Splash Art


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