T1 Faker: "I believe my attitude toward playing the games changed and improved through the MSI. I’m always learning."


On Jun. 9, in the 2023 LCK Summer Split, T1 defeated Hanwha Life Esports 2-1 and started the season with a win. T1 started off game 1 with a loss, but they showed dominance in the following two games to get the win. After the match, head coach Bae “Bengi” Seong-woong and Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok joined the media to talk about the match and the season.



How do you feel about today’s win?


Bengi: We started off game 1 with a loss, so I was a bit anxious, but fortunately, we won games 2 and 3. I’m happy that we got off on the right foot.


Faker: It’s very positive that we won the first game of the season.


You picked the red side in game 1 and picked a top-side centric comp. What was the reason?


Bengi: We thought it was alright to share the high-tier picks from the red side. The top-centric comp was used in the LPL, and there were positive aspects of the comp, so we went with it.


What was Jhin’s strength?


Bengi: We picked Jhin because it goes well with the comp.


Did you change direction in games 2 and 3? Was it to have a more balanced comp?


Bengi: There are different compositions possible according to the bans, and that’s probably why it changed.


Why weren’t you on stage for the draft?


Bengi: As we went through the spring season and MSI, we thought we needed some change. Many people talked about our draft, so we tried it.


Although it was only one match, do you think you saw the possibility for change?


Bengi: We won the game, and our start was positive. There’s more potential for improvement.


(To Faker) What do you think about today’s change?


Faker: Coach Roach is also quite active in the draft, so I believe it’s worth trying.


You’ve been picked on the national team for the Asian Games. How do you feel about that?


Faker: It’s an honor to be picked on the national team. Since we’ll be representing the country, I’ll prepare well to make many people happy.


(To Bengi) Several players were picked from T1 for the Asian Games. Do you have a measure to deal with it?


Bengi: The Asian Games will be held between the summer season and Worlds, so it’s difficult for the team. However, representing the country is an honorable thing, and it’ll be helpful to the players. There are more positive things. I haven’t come up with a measure yet.


(To Faker) As you played through spring and MSI, what change do you think the team needs to improve?


Faker: We played through spring and MSI, and we’ll be going with the same roster through the summer and Worlds. There are things we have to work on as individuals, so we have to do those things. As a team, there are ways to deliver better performance, so we should do that.


Any lessons you’ve learned from MSI?


Bengi: As I watched the matches at MSI, I felt that the LPL really excels at seeing the angle to start a fight. We need to learn that and improve our movement as a team.


Faker: I think we lost at MSI because we were a bit behind the other teams. In that matter, I thought we should work harder. I believe my attitude toward playing the games changed and improved through the MSI. I’m always learning.


Gumayusi said that he was confused as T1 failed to win the championship several times. Did you experience anything similar? How do you deal with that situation?


Faker: The biggest takeaway from MSI for me is that there were many things to learn even if we failed to win the championship. I decided to focus on the positive things rather than being negative as we prepared for the summer. This mindset is my biggest takeaway.


Your next match is against Gen.G. How will you prepare for it?


Bengi: Gen.G went through a similar schedule that we did. They defeated KT and are in good form, so it’ll be difficult. But I believe we can win. The players’ conditions and the draft will decide the outcome of the match.


Faker: I had a slight headache, and my condition wasn’t that good. I’ll try to manage my condition more up to the match.


Any last comments?


Bengi: The summer season just started, but the current form and flow go all the way up to Worlds. We’ll prepare well so that we can keep the flow until the end.


Faker: We had a good start with the win. I’ll work hard to make the fans happy through our remaining matches.

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