[KOF Arena] “Extreme aggressiveness”, New fighter of season 3, K’ review

Higher ATK than Terry, K’


As soon as he was released, K’ became the fighter with the highest ATK (4,170). However, his DEF is very low (1,938), and he is like a glass cannon. If you allow a gap, you can fall easily, so you have to pump up your aggressiveness to corner your opponent relentlessly.


▲ K’ is a fighter that has to be managed carefully as his ATK and DEF stats are lopsided.


The core of combos! In-depth analysis of the ‘basic attack’

Low Kick (2 hits) → Upward kick → One Inch → Crow Bite (Airborne)

※ Counterable with basic attacks after guarding 1st attack (Difficulty: Easy)


It’s an average basic attack series with a paralysis effect on the 1st-3rd strikes, and an airborne effect on the 4th strike. There’s a gap for the opponent to counter between the 2nd and 3rd strikes, so when you’re attacking an opponent who’s guarding, it’s safe to transition to skills after the 1st strike. You can cancel the motion of the 4th strike, Crow Bite, but the only skill that forces the opponent into a standing state is Ein Trigger (Q), so the combination connections aren’t that smooth.


▲ K’s basic attack. The distance to the opponent increases with the 3rd strike, One Inch, so it is difficult to connect combos.
▲ You can connect a cool combo after canceling the 4th strike, Crow Bite, but it isn’t efficient.
▲ A guarding opponent can counter easily after the 1st strike, Low kick.

In-depth analysis of the Q skill — Ein Trigger


Ein Trigger (1st strike, Q1) → Second Shoot (2nd strike, Q2)

- Ein Trigger: Standing effect

- Second Shoot: Blast attack


※ Counterable with basic attack after guarding “Second Shoot” from close range (Difficulty: Easy)

Emergency dodge possible after being hit by Second Shoot


If you use the key once, Ein Trigger is used, and if you use it once again before the gauge runs out, Second Shoot is shot. There is a standing effect on Ein Trigger, so it is a crucial connection point of continuing combos. If you tap Q twice quickly, Ein Trigger is skipped and Second Shoot is used right away, so you should use it slowly.


▲ A double-use single skill is a new term added in season 2, which makes it possible for K’ to have a more diverse use of the skill.
▲ Ein Trigger’s standing effect is the core of connecting combos.
▲ If you tap Q twice, Ein Trigger is skipped, and Second Shoot is shot right away.
▲ Like other blast attacks, you can use emergency dodge at the moment you’re hit by Second Shoot.

In-depth analysis of the W skill — Minute Spike


- Fast dash skill, airborne effect


※ Counterable with skill after guarding first attack (Difficulty: Normal)

Counterable with basic attack after guarding last attack (Difficulty: Easy)


Since the attack range is long and the speed is very fast, it’s very effective when using it as a sudden attack. If the skill hits the opponent, they will get airborne, so they can’t use emergency dodge. However, it can be countered very easily by a guarding opponent, so you must be cautious.


▲ Among all the dashing strike skills, K’s Minute Spike is the best.
▲ However, you can easily get countered by a guarding opponent, so you shouldn’t use it thoughtlessly.


In-depth analysis of the E skill — Narrow Spike


Short range dashing strike → Grapple → Strike (Airborne)


- Less likely of emergency dodge or getting countered due to its fast speed


※ Counterable with skill after guarding first attack (Difficulty: Very hard)

Emergency dodge possible on first attack


It is a skill that dashes a short distance to strike, grab, and finish with another strike. The process is fast, so it’s very difficult to react to. If you want to play K’ well, you must know the exact range of Narrow Spike.


▲ It is a very quick skill, so it’s useful to surprise attack an opponent from close range.
▲ Opponents can use emergency dodge after the dashing strike and before the grab, but it isn’t easy.
▲ Although it is counterable, the timing is difficult, so the opponent would struggle when trying to counter.

In-depth analysis of the ‘finisher’ — Heat Drive


- 3.4-second animation

- Double finisher possible with 3.5 PGs

- Impossible to reduce damage with escape


Heat Drive is a 2-hit finisher that makes the opponent’s escape useless, like Ryo’s Tenchi Haouken or Shingo’s Ge Shiki: Kake Hourin. The animation time is very short, so you can use a double finisher with 3.5 PGs. When the opponent is hit by the finisher, they fall near K’, and K’s post-delay is released first, so he is extremely advantageous afterward.


▲ A finisher with a short animation, a long range, and an immediate hit… It feels OP.


In-depth analysis of the ‘ultimate’ — Hyper Chain Drive


- Long animation with 14 seconds


Hyper Chain Drive is a 14-second ultimate, which is the longest among all fighters. It’s quite opposite of the 3.5-second finisher. However, as the animation time is extremely long, you can intentionally use it to stall and aim for a time over win.


▲ The damage of K’s ultimate is focused on the later end of the animation, so you need to calculate the time precisely.

K’s strong ‘big hit combo’


Low Kick (A1) → Upward Kick (A2) → One Inch (A3) → Crow Bite (A4) → Minute Spike (W)

→ Low Kick (A1) → Upward Kick (A2) → Narrow Spike (E) → Ein Trigger (Q1) → Second Shoot (Q2)

→ Low Kick (A1) → Upward Kick (A2) → One Inch (A3) → Crow Bite (A4) → MAX MODE (Z)

→ Heat Drive (R)


▲ It is difficult to connect K’s combos, so practice to master the trade!

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