Unveiling Space Gears: Experience the Closed Beta Playtest and Journey into the Future of Sci-Fi Gaming

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SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA - May 31, 2023 - Pentapeak Studios, the game development subsidiary of 2bytes Corp., is excited to unveil its upcoming title, Space Gears, a next-generation sci-fi strategy game. Space Gears is the collective effort of South Korean developers with a passion for sci-fi and RTS games. The game is set to shake up the gaming world with its unique blend of RTS and MOBA elements, intense battles, and intricate mech designs. The developers aim to bring a fresh take to strategy gaming that isn’t confined by the traditional RTS label.

Space Gears is set in the 22nd century, where players are tasked with terraforming Mars amidst a backdrop of competition for Martian resources. Players take on the role of pioneers and commanders, mining resources, conducting research, and assembling powerful mechs. With the unique blend of RTS and MOBA gameplay elements, the game creates a dynamic battlefield that promises to offer players an engaging and immersive experience.

The gameplay involves intense, action-packed battles that echo the endgame fights of classic RTS titles. Each mech in the game boasts intricate and visually stunning designs, created by a dedicated team of artists from across the globe. Players will also get to engage in terraforming missions, real-time battles, and build their Mars bases, adding further depth to the gameplay.


Executive Producer of Pentapeak Studios, In-won Lee, also shared his excitement about the project: "After a year of development, we are thrilled to bring Space Gears to strategy fans around the world."


To ensure the highest quality gameplay, Space Gears is developed with the Unity 2022 (HDRP) engine, producing stunning graphics for the Martian environment, bases, and mechs. It is not only a game for fans of RTS, strategy, battle, and sci-fi games, but it's also being developed as an original IP. With the global playtest and Steam Next Fest, the team at 2bytes Corp. aims to build awareness and attract players to Wishlist and play Space Gears during these events.

Space Gears is a reflection of Pentapeak Studios' mission to develop and present games of complex genres that haven't been attempted in Korea in recent years, targeting the global game market. The game is slated to hold a global playtest from June 2 to June 5, 2023, participate in Steam Next Fest in June, and offer Early Access on Steam during Q3 this year.

For more information about Space Gears and its upcoming events, check Space Gears on Steam, Twitter, YouTube, Discord, and the official website.

About 2bytes Corporation

2bytes is a global game services startup founded by seasoned industry professionals with a track record of launching successful PC and mobile games worldwide. The company has become a reliable partner for game developers and publishers, offering a range of services such as localization, QA, game operations, community management, and voiceovers.

About Pentapeak Studios

Pentapeak Studios was founded by 2bytes to develop new in-house titles. The studio is manned by industry veterans of South Korean game developers including Nexon, NCsoft, and WeMade, among others. Pentapeak Studios currently has two titles under development: Stellar Tales, a meta, match-3 puzzle game, and Space Gears.

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