[Guide] How to play the Ghosts of Verdansk LTM in Warzone in 3 minutes or less

Warzone is getting a brand new Limited-Time mode called Ghosts of Verdansk as part of The Haunting event dropping on Tuesday. Ghosts of Verdansk is a spooky spin on the traditional Battle Royale mode and is sure to excite and horrify even the most hardcore of Warzone players.

How to play Ghosts of Verdansk in Warzone

In this mode, when you die you will not be sent to the Gulag, but will instead be turned into a ghost who haunts the battlefield. While ghosts can't carry weapons, they will have their own unique abilities that help them hunt and haunt the remaining players. The abilities include a super jump, a teleport ability on a cooldown, and a "spectral blast" stun attack that can slow operates and vehicles alike.


Ghosts can also deal damage to players by swiping at them from close range. If you can collect three souls from enemies, you will spawn back in. So there is a lot of incentive for ghosts to play aggressively and look for those kills. Ghosts can also respawn by completing a special ghosty finishing move on unsuspecting victims, allowing for a respawn after only a single kill. 


For surviving players looking to make it out of this cursed mode, there are blue circles around the map that are protected from the spectral presence. These areas are not 100% safe, since ghosts can damage the areas if they ram into it repeatedly, so you can't rely too heavily on these safe zones. 


Managing fear in Warzone's Ghosts of Verdansk mode

Ghosts of Verdansk also features a new mechanic called "Fear." Your fear level can range from 0 to 100, with every operator starting at zero and moving up from there. At 50%, you can experience hallucinations in-game. At 100%, genuinely bad things start to happen, but you will have to play the mode to find out exactly what.



Your fear level can be increased by being shot at, being hit, or having killstreaks go off in the area. Your fear will also increase if you remain in the same place too long, so for the first time in COD history, camping might not pay off. Finally, seeing ghosts, dead bodies, or having teammates be killed will also increase your fear level.


You can decrease your fear level by eliminating players and ghosts. You can also revive your squadmates, which mostly makes up for the fear increase from them being downed in the first place. Alternatively, you can complete contracts or seek out the blue Sacred Ground areas that keep you safe from ghosts. 


For those looking for a more traditional Halloween event experience, there will also be LTMs in Cold War for Halloween Prop Hunt, Infected, and "Scream Deathmatch." Scream deathmatch is a brand new mode where two operators become Ghostface and will try to find and kill all the remaining players. 


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