For (at least) the second time, Dog's APM broke Hearthstone

▲ Dog was unleashed in a game of Battlegrounds. Image source: Youtube


At this point in the six-year history of Blizzard Entertainment's collectible card game, Hearthstone, it's almost routine that long-time professional player and content creator David "Dog" Caero will, at one point or another, play at a much faster rate than the game can handle.


Back in 2018, Dog was known for mastering a one-turn-kill combo that required as much APM (action per minute) as it did brainpower to pull off. For a casual player tuning in to watch his stream on Twitch, it was mesmerizing and inconceivable to see so many moving pieces on a 2D board in a game that, by definition, aims to limit the number of actions a player can make in a single turn by having a mana cap.


Two years later, Dog did it again. This time, however, it was on the hugely popular auto chess game mode known as Hearthstone Battlegrounds. 



This past Tuesday, the Hearthstone team released patch 17.4 which acted as a mid-set expansion to the auto chess title. New champions, units, and an archetype (Pirates) were added to the pool of playable content for players to enjoy. 


Less than 48 hours after the patch went live, Dog was at it again.


In a Youtube video shared to his channel titled "Salty Looter, Dog's Biggest Minion Ever," Dog shows off the speed in which he can, essentially, move much faster and do more than the development team probably anticipated when adding the select units to the game.


Piloting Captain Hooktusk as his champion of choice, Dog assembled a team of two Salty Looters (which gain +1/+1 ((+2/+2 when upgraded)) every time he buys a pirate unit from the shop), a Seabreaker Goliath (a large windfury minion that buffs his other pirates when it attacks) and numerous Cap'n Hoggers (After you buy a pirate, gain 1 Gold ((2 Gold when upgraded)) this turn only) before going off.


In a display of APM glory, Dog was purchasing pirates, rolling for more of them, selling them, and watching his minions grow to enormous size all while cracking a smile at the end of every turn, knowing that time was all that was holding him back from his minions having infinite levels of attack and health. Towards the end stages of the game (before he wins), Dog was purchasing upwards of 20 pirates per round and was forced to end his turn with just as much gold as he started with.


By the end of the nearly 25-minute video, his two 3-attack and 3-health Salty Looters grew to more than 183-attack and 153-health...each.


It was magical and only fitting that the man known as a canine could pull it off so quickly.

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