Esports One's ranking system is the ultimate fantasy esports flex


The Esports One fantasy platform features fantasy competitions that include North America's League of Legends Championship Series and Europe's League of Legends European Championship. Since the start of the 2020 LCS Summer Playoffs and the 2020 LEC Summer Playoffs, players competing in the Inven Global Esports One Fantasy League of Legends league via the Esports One platform are now ranked publicly to show off their fantasy LoL prowess.


The new fantasy ranking system on Esports One's platform operates similarly to the ranking system used for the ladder on League of Legends servers around the world. The eight ranks, in order from lowest to highest, are as follows: Unranked; Bronze; Silver; Gold; Platinum; Diamond; Master; Challenger. A player will be placed in a category after their first fantasy lineup plays its matches, and similarly to not playing ranked in League of Legends, not setting a lineup will cause ranked decay. 


In addition to the ranking system, the format for Esports One Fantasy League of Legends has changed in the post-season. Scoring remains the same, but the best-of-five format and conditional double elimination in both the LCS Summer Playoffs and the LEC Summer Playoffs require a different strategical approach than in the best-of-one format in the LCS Summer Split and LEC Summer Split. 


One of the ultimate pleasures in fantasy esports is utilizing your understanding of your favorite competitive game to make well-informed roster decisions, and E1's new ranking system provides players with a way to show that off in more ways than memeing fellow competitors. Setting up a ranking system is another way for Esports One to cultivate an environment for its playerbase to continue to grow.


More information on the Esports One fantasy ranking system can be found on the platform's official website. 



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