Be wary of specific lane matchups in Esports One Fantasy Week 9


The two most important questions when building your E1 Fantasy Lineup: Who do I pick? Who do I not pick? Well we heard you mumbling these questions to yourself and are giving you some help. Who to avoid is just as important as to who you flock towards as you need to make sure your whole lineup is set to pop-off, from Top to Team. We are giving you one player/team from each position to target and another one to run as far away from as you possibly can. Choose wisely!




PICK: Martin "Wunder" Hansen — G2 Esports — $280,000 (vs SK Gaming & Misfits)


G2 is back, baby. You are perfectly fine to still have nerves with the picks, but G2 has rounded into form at the perfect time. We all know their fantasy upside when they are on, something we got a taste of with Wunder almost putting up 50 points last week. Now he faces two teams that like to fight, neither of which have their Top lane as their strong point.


AVOID: Andrei "Orome" Popa — MAD Lions — $300,000 (vs Misfits & Rogue)


Overshadowed by the post-game celebrations, Orome has been dreadful in losses. Of their 4 losses, he has failed to get to even 10 points in 3 of them, making him very risky going into a 1st place showdown.




PICK: Lucas "Santorin" Tao Kilmer Larsen — FlyQuest — $310,000 (vs Counter Logic Gaming & Immortals)


I mean, I feel like I don’t need to talk you into this one. Santorin leads the LCS in Kill Participation and plays for the team that leads the LCS in Kills. Now factor in that he has the dream pair of a fantasy matchup in CLG & IMT. Do I need to keep going, or is he already in your lineup?


AVOID: Oskar "Selfmade" Boderek — Fnatic — $270,000 (vs FC Schalke 04 & Excel Esports)


I expect Selfmade to be better than last week, but that doesn’t mean much considering he scored 1.89 points last week...




PICK: Tristan "PowerOfEvil" Schrage — FlyQuest — $310,000 (vs Counter Logic Gaming & Immortals)


After casually putting up 80 points last week, POE has the set up to do it again this week. After a couple week slump for FLY, the team is back to their high-powered and fast-paced winning ways. This playstyle saw POE score over 30 in 6 of his first 8 games. Also, Santorin + POE = BFFs.


AVOID: Nicolaj "Jensen" Jensen — Team Liquid — $330,000 (vs Immortals & TSM)


Jensen’s best trait is his safety, consistently scoring over 20 in TL’s slow wins. But he lacks the scoring potential of the other top Mids, especially in a matchup against MVP-form Bjergsen. Hard to pay $330k without the #1 scoring player upside.




PICK: Jesper "Zven" Zvenningsen — Cloud9 — $320,000 (vs Dignitas & Counter Logic Gaming)


Have you trusted C9 over the last 3 weeks? Did they betray your trust? Hurt your feelings? Well, it may not be easy to go back, but DIG & CLG matchups should make it a little easier to swallow. Across the 4 games DIG & CLG played last week, do you know how many times they killed the opposing ADC? 3 times. Doesn’t get safer than that for Zven.


AVOID: Victor "FBI" Huang —  Golden Guardians — $300,000 (vs TSM & Evil Geniuses)


GG has been taking resources away from FBI in the Bot laner, instead playing more around Top. That, combined with the fact he is facing two superior ADCs, scares me off.




PICK: Lee "IgNar" Dong-geun — FlyQuest — $200,000 (vs Counter Logic Gaming & Immortals)


Not sure if this is a hot take or not, but Ignar is no doubt the best Fantasy Support in the LEC/LCS. His ability to find and engage in fights is just incredible and leads to gaudy Assist and Kill Participation numbers. In any week where FLY is expected to go 2-0, expect him to be Top 3 at the position.


AVOID: Philippe "Poome" Lavoie-Giguere— 100 Thieves — $110,000 (vs Dignitas & Evil Geniuses)

Poome has failed to score a single fantasy point in 3 of his last 5 games… He is talented, but a work in progress.




PICK: G2 Esports — $290,000 (vs SK Gaming & Misfits)


In fantasy LoL, you can’t dip your toes in the water on opinions. You’re either jumping in the water or waiting in the car. Well, I want to jump in the ‘G2 is Back’ water and ride them to glory. Of all teams under $300k, they have the best chances at a 2-0 weekend.


AVOID: Rogue — $260,000 (vs Team Vitality & MAD Lions)


Rogue has shown some holes lately and should be nervous about their game against Vitality as well as the hyped MAD match.



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