LCS/LEC Summer Split Week 4: Pick & Avoid


The two most important questions when building your E1 Fantasy Lineup: Who do I pick? Who do I not pick? Well, we heard you mumbling these questions to yourself and are giving you some help. Who to avoid is just as important as to who you flock towards as you need to make sure your whole lineup is set to pop-off, from Top to Team. We are giving you one player/team from each position to target and another one to run as far away from as you possibly can. Choose wisely!




PICK: Kim "Ssumday" Chan-ho — 100 Thieves — $290,000 (vs Golden Guardians & Dignitas)


When you are trying to get back on track after it seems like everything has crumbled down, you need to lean on your studs. Ssumday is the clear star for a 100 Thieves team that needs some hope. I've been encouraged with 100T putting Ssumday on carry champs lately and am even more encouraged by 100T's matchups this week, which I personally rank as the best schedule of any team.


AVOID: Danny "Dan Dan" Le Comte — Misfits — $240,000 (vs G2 Esports & MAD Lions) 


After a Kayle game led to him topping 20 points for the first time since Spring Week 7, Double D will get a harsh dose of reality this week.




PICK: Marcin "Jankos" Jankowski — G2 Esports — $310,000 (vs Misfits & Excel Esports) 


Take a picture, quick! Jankos' price is down to $310k! As rare of a sight as that may be, it is surprisingly warranted. However, I expect Jankos (as his price) to bounce back and up this week. With Perkz not playing this week, Jankos will be forced to carry even more, which he will never complain about. Let's see more of that Pantheon!


AVOID: Dennis "Svenskeren" Johnsen — Evil Geniuses — $210,000 (vs FlyQuest & Immortals)

I feel like the biggest Svenskeren hater in the world, but I don't even feel bad when he only gets 11 points in a dominant win.




PICK: Marek "Humanoid" Brázda — MAD Lions — $330,000 (vs FC Schalke 04 & Misfits)


New Kings of the LEC! Okay, don't drop the crown on their heads yet, but MAD Lions is legit. Humanoid was the centerpiece of this team from the start and is leading them in fantasy scoring as well. With another 2-0 week on the slate, MAD players are set up extremely well. Humanoid led all Mids in scoring in Week 2 and may just do it again. 


AVOID: Tristan "PowerOfEvil" Schrage — FlyQuest — $320,000 (vs Evil Geniuses & Team Liquid) 


I've been milking POE as much as anybody else these last two weeks, but EG & TL in the same weekend slows that train down.




PICK: Yiliang "Doublelift" Peng — TSM — $350,000 (vs Golden Guardians & Counter Logic Gaming)


He is back!!! What a fantastic weekend for TSM. They really seem to be gelling together after two incredibly strong wins. They get a break in fierce competition this week with GG & CLG on the schedule, but fantasy production should not slow down. Doublelift is on a mission, and it is a mission that you want him in your lineup for.

AVOID: Matyáš "Carzzy" Orság — MAD Lions — $350,000 (vs FC Schalke 04 & Misfits) 

Incredible talent on the hottest team in EU, but I don't want to spend top dollar for a guy who's most successful Champ in a fasting Senna.



PICK: Vincent "Biofrost" Wang — TSM — $180,000 (vs Golden Guardians & Counter Logic Gaming)


Just reread everything I just said about Doublelift. Then come down here and take in the fact that Biofrost will be standing next to him in lane the whole time. Biofrost is riding Doublelift's back (literally as Yummi) on his mission for LCS glory as you should be doing.


AVOID: Mihael "Mikyx" Mehle — G2 Esports — $170,000 (vs Misfits & Excel Esports) 


Hard to know what to expect without Perkz or Caps in the same lane as Mikyx.




PICK: Fnatic — $280,000 (vs SK Gaming & FC Schalke 04)


Call me cautiously optimistic… but Fnatic can bounce back in a major way here. They may not be the best team in the LEC like they would have told you they are, but even the doubters see no world in which they lose to S04. SK will be close, but if Fnatic gets their act together, it shouldn't be.


AVOID: FlyQuest — $250,000 (vs Evil Geniuses & Team Liquid) 


Being the team to let GG break their 4-game losing streak on doesn't give me confidence going into an EG & TL weekend,

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